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By: Steve Huston

It’s time for news in bite-sized chunks, as read by Bill Johnson for our Decency Minutes which can be heard here. They are great to listen to, fun to post to your social media page, and now, when we share them through these emails, you are able to follow the links in order to read articles we’ve written on these topics or see from where we’ve gleaned our information. We encourage you to read and share these short tidbits of helpful information with others. Click on each story title and you’ll be taken to that particular Decency Minute radio spot.


Slavery and Abortion

Even with the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade our country is still viciously vying for the culture of death to win the day. There are many on the Left who point to wokeness and racism, so it’s no surprise that Vice-President Kamala Harris would attempt to equate such a reversal to slavery.

What is a surprising breath of fresh air is one young lady’s sobering truth on this issue: “It’s outrageous to hear our Vice-President talk about a procedure that ends the life of human beings…somehow say that if a woman doesn’t have access to a special surgery that ends the life of another human being, it’s akin to slavery. I can tell you one thing that’s akin to slavery and that is deeming a whole group of human beings unworthy of life simply because of their size, their location, their age, or their circumstance of conception.

Read the article tied to this Decency Minute here.

My friend, Phil Haney

It’s now been three years since my dear friend, Phil Haney, was found dead with a bullet in his chest, not far from home.

Philip’s death was timely for his enemies. They must have breathed a sigh of relief to have him gone because he knew so much and regularly exposed their lies.  He boldly named names and gave warnings as to what and whom to watch out for.

So much has happened in these three short years, the world scene has changed and worsened so dramatically. What would my friend be thinking and doing if he were still alive? What could Phil have done? Is there anything he could have done?  What about Islam?  Just because there is seemingly a silence regarding that wretched and concerning form of terrorism, what is going on behind the scenes?  Philip – would – know!

I, and America, are missing my friend these days.

We would ask our readers to pray for Phil’s family during these days of painful remembrance. Also, continue to pray that God would raise up another like our friend Phil, one who will help to bring truth to light as he did.

Another article on Phil from American Decency.

A great interview with Bill Johnson and Phil Haney.

Read the article tied to this Decency Minute here.

Action Taken to Protect Children

Drag Queen story hour drags our communities and our children down into the depths of depravity and confusion, paving the way for perversion. It blurs the lines of decency, reality, and truth. But when caring people confront the library about hosting such events and those in charge refuse to listen, what is a community to do? How can they protect these children from the misuse of these publicly-collected funds?

Consider following the example of pro-family citizens in an Idaho community, who showed up early and took every seat in order to prevent adults from taking children into the Drag Queen story hour. When ordered to leave by library staff they refused, reminding him that it was a publicly advertised event in a public place so they couldn’t simply be ordered out.

The result? The event took place, ended earlier than usual, people left, and children were protected – at least this time.

Mass Resistance also reported on this. Here you can read this article and see what others are doing in the culture fight for decency.



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