Coke, Chips, and “Contraception”

By: Steve Huston

There’s a title I never expected to write and here’s a conversation I never expected to be possible on a college campus:

“Hey, I’m going down to the commissary for a soda, want me to grab anything for you from the vending machine?”

“Yeah, could you get me a coke, a bag of chips, and some ‘contraception?’ Well, not really contraception, one of those boxes of ‘Plan B’ morning after pills, just in case something goes wrong.”

Such an interchange might be heard at George Washington University (GWU) or any of about 32 other university or college campuses throughout America, thanks to the perceived inherent need to promote the culture of death under the guise of “healthcare” in our institutions of higher learning.

To be fair, those students who promoted and obtained this vending machine for their campus likely did so with the best of intentions. Sadly, they’ve been deceived regarding the issue of life. All they’ve known is the availability of abortion in their short lifetime and with the overturning – actually, the righting – of the Supreme Court decision of Roe v Wade, they likely felt violated. “What are we going to do?” is the fear-inciting question that is being pushed on them. Instead of being taught to be responsible for their actions, they’ve had a lifetime of learning that anyone, including an innocent unborn child, should pay for their choices. Unfortunately, one cannot cut the strong and intrinsic bond between freedom and responsibility. This is true in all areas, not just for sex or pregnancy.

Boston University installed one of these “contraceptive” vending machines in July of 2022. NBC Boston reports, “At a time when many are concerned about barriers to accessing contraception, students at Boston University are making getting Plan B as easy as getting a late-night snack. In the bottom of the student union, right next to vending machines filled with energy drinks and candy, there is a machine that dispenses the ‘morning-after’ pill for just $7.25.

Not everyone believes that putting these vending machines of death on university campuses is a positive change. Some pro-life students are speaking out and taking a stand. Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of American and Students for Life Action at Boston University, shared some sensible and compelling thoughts during an interview with FOX News, regarding the dangers of having these “Plan B” machines on campuses.

Kristan reminds us that no long-term studies have been done on these drugs and that they can harm women and can end the life of a pre-born child. Beyond that, she also states these vending machines make it easier for abusers to get these drugs. “Men can access these drugs and force feed them to girls they are abusing with no oversight.”

When it came to Vice-President Kamala Harris’ comparison of SCOTUS’ reversal of Roe v. Wade to slavery, this young spokeswoman for life pressed home a sobering truth. “It’s outrageous to hear our Vice-President talk about a procedure that ends the life of human beings…somehow say that if a woman doesn’t have access to a special surgery that ends the life of another human being, it’s akin to slavery. I can tell you one thing that’s akin to slavery and that is deeming a whole group of human beings unworthy of life simply because of their size, their location, their age, or their circumstance of conception.

America has become a nation that promotes death. Obviously, not all of its people, but when those in political power, our educational centers, and even many of our religious institutions would relabel the murder of our young as “healthcare,” we, as a nation, are rebellious against God, the Giver of Life, and we are in trouble.

As I was reading in Exodus this morning, I got to thinking of how God’s interactions with Israel and Egypt were interesting. In God’s initial interactions with Egypt, we read of how the Egyptian god of death was robbed by those who feared Jehovah, the One True God. Thank you, Shiphrah and Puah (Exodus 1:17). Just prior to Israel’s expulsion out of Egypt, that god of death was denied his “due” by those who feared Jehovah, placing themselves under the protective blood of the Passover Lamb. Finally, as they came to the Red Sea, the Egyptian army is sent into the arms of “the god of death,” by the Holy One of Israel, showing Himself as the definitive God of Life AND Death. Dear Reader, America must come to fear God again. That will be shown, in part, when we begin to honor life once more.

I urge you to pray that revival will come to this land, that our children will learn to fear the Lord and love life, and that the Church will be steadfast and faithful in the honor and worship of God regardless the personal cost. Please pray for those who will join in various protests across this land as they stand for life. (Information below)

Join a protest near you tomorrow:

Though not sponsored by American Decency, we invite you to join other protestors who want to stand for life outside your local Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid pharmacy this Saturday, February 4, 2023 from 10 am EST – noon EST (This is the time for the Fremont, MI protest; check this link to find a time and location near you). What is this protest for?  Individuals, who are concerned that these pharmacies are turning into abortion businesses by stating they will dispense the controversial abortion pill recently approved by the Biden administration, are gathering peacefully to let their voices be heard on behalf of those pre-born children who cannot be heard. If enough push back is given locally, hopefully a difference can be made nationally.



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