Phil Haney

By: Bill Johnson

Sitting on my old-fashioned pump organ in my home office is a baseball cap that Phil Haney gave to me when he drove up to my house some seven years ago now.   Philip said we were the first stop that he was making in Michigan in his travels around the country. He had gained national notoriety for being a whistle blower and was on the road – responding to requests from across the nation.

Today marks three years since his life came to an end.  Why still the fascination over Phil Haney?

People hungered to hear the truth about his findings regarding the “Deep State.” Phil’s book, “See Something. Say Nothing” is a special read for those who want to have an account of the various battles that he fought – and fought so intently – within the Federal Government.  Former Congresswoman from Minnesota, Michelle Bachman – a righteous warrior who fought with integrity, was also targeted.  She wrote that, in the aftermath of 9/11 and the attack by trained young Muslim men, President George W. Bush and Congress created the Department of Homeland Security which was intended to thwart future terror attacks.   The government hired men and women to develop new security protections to identify and stop individuals who were terror risks from entering our country.  It became clear that 9/11 was an attack by terrorists motivated by a literal belief in and active adherence to the establishment of Islamic Sharia Law in the U.S. as the law of the land.  Further, Bachmann wrote:  But in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy, our commander in chief, George W. Bush, and his administration publicly insisted Islam was a religion of peace. … Strangely, the U.S. government willfully blinded itself to the Islamic terrorist motivation. … Enter Philip Haney. ….

Phil’s life story is so incredible.  His heart for America and his courage, savvy and commitment to the Lord shone throughout his life.  “As evidence of Philip’s work ethic and value to DHS, he was granted numerous awards and certificates of commendation by his superiors.  Living in post-9/11, American citizens instinctively hoped and blindly trusted that our government had hired legions of Philip Haneys to diligently search for and uncover terror plots.  … He went to his superiors with his information, but was actively undermined. …” [Taken from See Something. Say Nothing, by Philip Haney and Art Moore]

I agree – American citizens instinctively – at that point – hoped and blindly trusted our government.  Part of my “fascination” with Philip is his stand, energy, courage and his optimism AND that he laid it all on the line.   He said to friends “If you hear that I committed suicide don’t believe it.  I won’t die that way.”

His mysterious death is part of the continued fascination. But it is also this:  Phil was one of the first and most visible and trustworthy souls to follow, pray for and associate with “we the people”; you knew that his agenda was right; doing God’s will.  Many looked to him and learned from him – how he did things, what should be the take away from this weird and concerning piece of news and that piece of news.  We would learn from what he was seeing and experiencing.  Pick up the phone and ask him tough questions and he would answer forthrightly and in a timely way. His voice was needed and sought, and was often heard on national radio broadcasts.  He had a national voice.

Philip’s death was timely for his enemies. They must have breathed a sigh of relief to have him gone because he knew so much and regularly exposed their lies.  He named names and gave warnings as to what and whom to watch out for.

My other “fascination” (for lack of a better word) – and I will never have the answer for this – is what would he be thinking and/or doing if he were still alive?  Because, in three short years, the world scene has changed and worsened so dramatically.   What would he have done?  What could he have done?  Is there anything he could have done?  What about Islam?  Just because there seemingly is a silence regarding that wretched and concerning form of terrorism, what is going on behind the scenes?  Philip would know!

We are experiencing many losses in these days!  What is God doing in America in a day of such rancor and confusion and advancing wickedness?   What is up?  What is down?

One thing that is clear is that American citizens have learned (on so many fronts) that it is absolutely foolhardy to blindly trust their government.  Those days are long gone and likely never to return again short of the Hand of God.

Philip didn’t intend to be a source to explode the myth that our government was trustworthy!  He worked within the government expecting that it wanted what he wanted; that America would do justice and love mercy.   Oh, that we could still trust the FBI, the CIA, the Department of Homeland Security, the Pentagon, our President.

And then, February 21, 2019 came around and he was found dead along the highway just a few miles away from home with a bullet in his chest.

See our article “What Happened to Phil Haney” from January 27, 2022.

One take away from the life of Philip Haney is once – not so long ago there was a man who represented “we the people” in a way that made us hopeful and encouraged us to join in the fight with integrity and hopefulness and a trust in other good governmental officials around us.

You can find an interview that I did with Philip Haney in our offices.


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