Deconstructing Critical Theory's Foothold in the Fed

Obeying God Rather Than Man

Being reminded and strengthened

America's New Civil War

Important Zoom with Bill and Buddy

Conservative Violence?

Yes. A Zoom that will tell you about a hugely important movie!

A Zoom with AFA Senior Vice President, Buddy Smith


Zoom - Vote as if ...

YOU are URGENTLY NEEDED in Holland this Wednesday (8/19/20)

Stand TONIGHT and Be Heard!!!

Zoom with Pastor McKay and Bill Johnson

Even Math Isn’t Safe from Marxism

ADA prayer event at auditorium - Thursday at 7 PM (EST)

Zoom with ADA and Dick Manasseri

WE ARE ON FOR THURSDAY – Both afternoon AND evening

VOTE tomorrow! (Tuesday; August 4, 2020)

Don't Trust the Baby-Sitters Club

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