ADA prayer event at auditorium - Thursday at 7 PM (EST)

Zoom with ADA and Dick Manasseri

WE ARE ON FOR THURSDAY – Both afternoon AND evening

VOTE tomorrow! (Tuesday; August 4, 2020)

Don't Trust the Baby-Sitters Club

ADA prayer event at auditorium - Thursday at 7:00 PM (EST)

ZOOMING into politics from a Christian point of view

Zoom with Chuck Ritchard for tomorrow - Thursday

Unmasking Mask Privilege

Zoom link for my discussion with Steve Ensley on the "Embattled Internet"

Why Worry About Whiteness?

The Embattled Internet

Red Pill vs Revolution

ACT TODAY! Hold the Line! (the thin blue line)

Stretching the Thin Blue Line Even Thinner

The Spirit of ‘76

What's Inside Chick-fil-A

You Say You Want a Revolution?

Zoom tomorrow: On racism, statue toppling and Marxism

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