• Phil Haney – The Great Purge of Counter Terror Experts
  • Dick Manasseri – Sharia Crime Stoppers
  • Steve Coughlin – Fake News or AgitProp?
  • Bill Johnson Interviews Kamal Saleem
  • Dr. Terry Slachter – The Lord Sits on His Holy Hill
  • Pastor Ron Workman – Why Do the Nations Rage?
  • Dr. Joel Beeke – The Sovereignty of God in Psalm 2
  • Mary Beeke – The Reformation of the Family
  • Frank Gaffney discusses Grover Norquist’s connections to the Muslim Brotherhood
  • Frank Gaffney – The War is Real and the War is Now
  • Sandy Rios – The War is Real and the War is Now
  • Interview With Phil Haney
  • Steve Huston – The Assault on Holiness
  • Anthony Moore – Floating Possibilities
  • Stephen Coughlin – The Threat of CVE
  • Janet Porter – Overcoming the Criminalization of Christianity
  • Biblical Counselor Ken Smith – What It Means to Be Free From Pornography
  • William Wagner on Homosexual Marriage and the US Constitution
  • Women At Risk (WAR) Presents on Prostitution and Human Trafficking
  • Bill Johnson Interviews Terry Slachter About the Importance of Prayer
  • Author and Pastor Terry Slachter Speaks About the Power of Prayer for a Nation
  • Bill Johnson Interviews Internet Security Specialist Steve Ensley
  • Curtis Bowers at ADA’s 2012 Conference
  • Mat Staver Speaks at ADA’s 2014 Summer Conference
  • Kamal Saleem Speaks at ADA’s 2014 Summer Conference

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