• Interview with Patrick Colbeck
  • Attorney Dave Kallman with Bill Johnson
  • Zoom With Buddy Smith, Part Two
  • Zoom With Buddy Smith, Senior Vice President of AFA
  • Zoom With Pastor Don McKay with ADA’s Bill Johnson
  • Zoom With Dick of Crime Stoppers
  • Zoom With Dave Agema
  • Zoom With Chuck Ritchard
  • Interview With Under Sheriff Bierling
  • Zoom Interview With Political Warfare Expert Steve Coughlin
  • In-house Zoom with the ADA Staff
  • Zoom Interview with Trevor Loudon
  • Bill Johnson Interviews Author, Analyst, and Expert Stephen Coughlin, via Zoom
  • Bill Johnson Interviews the President of the Christian Healthcare Center, Mark Blocher
  • Bill Johnson Interviews Patrick Wood on the Coming Technocracy
  • Bill Johnson Interviews the author and congressional candidate, James Simpson
  • Bill Johnson Interviews Financial Security Expert Kevin Freeman
  • Bill Johnson Interviews Former State Legislator and Gubernatorial Candidate, Patrick Colbeck
  • Bill Johnson Interviews Constitutional Lawyer William Wagner
  • Bill Johnson Interviews Curtis Bowers Via Zoom, Pt.2
  • Bill Johnson Interviews Curtis Bowers Via Zoom, Pt.1
  • Stand Firm Conference, Questions and Answers
  • Bill Johnson: Stand Firm Against Deception
  • Pastor Vern Picknally: So Then, Stand Firm
  • Jim Simpson: The Red Green Axis

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