• Our Concerns for Our Nation and Our Longing for the Church to Arise
  • Upcoming Events: Trevor Loudon Conference and Clarence Thomas Documentary
  • Interview With a Former Nursing Home Employee on Her Experience With Covid
  • Glenn Bulthuis – A Christian College’s Slide Into Sexual Confusion
  • Michael Perkins – The Revoice Movement’s Challenge to Orthodoxy
  • Presentation by Christian Healthcare Center President Mark Blocher
  • Interview with Christian Healthcare Center President Mark Blocher
  • Pastor Matt Trewhella – The Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates
  • Stephen Black and Laura Perry Q&A
  • Laura Perry – De-transitioned former transgender shares her testimony of God’s grace
  • Former Homosexual Stephen Black Share How God Uses Him to Help Others
  • Former Homosexual Stephen Black Shares How His Ministry Helps Others Escape the Lifestyle
  • Dr. Christina Parks on C-19 Vaccines
  • Tammy Clark on Mask Mandates
  • Interview with Patrick Colbeck
  • Attorney Dave Kallman with Bill Johnson
  • Zoom With Buddy Smith, Part Two
  • Zoom With Buddy Smith, Senior Vice President of AFA
  • Zoom With Pastor Don McKay with ADA’s Bill Johnson
  • Zoom With Dick of Crime Stoppers
  • Zoom With Dave Agema
  • Zoom With Chuck Ritchard
  • Interview With Under Sheriff Bierling
  • Zoom Interview With Political Warfare Expert Steve Coughlin
  • In-house Zoom with the ADA Staff

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