Thom Powell – Right to Life of Michigan Interview & Presentation

By: Kimberly Cargill




Order your copy of the Interview & Presentation that Thom Powell, Right to Life of Michigan, did on May 20,2022

Thom covered a number of topics regarding pro-life in Michigan and how they relate to the battle for life that we find ourselves in now. He spoke to the legal aspects that our governor and others are in the midst of, combing through our state constitution trying to find a legal right to abortion even though that went to court in the past and it was already ruled on that there is none. I was impressed at Thom’s ability to make these points clear, considering that much surrounding this issue is so confusing and makes little sense. Clearly the lawsuit brought by these people is illegitimate, might God intervene on this matter.

There are many untruths that those working with or for Planned Parenthood spread in order to gather the signatures that they need to put their initiative on the ballot in November and to garner sympathy for the one who might be seeking an abortion. Thom spoke the truth into these matters, arming us with the ability to address these myths and showing us how to speak knowledgeably and compassionately with others.

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