We are Made in His Image – Michael Perkins Conference

By: American Decency Staff




Speaker:  M. D. Perkins (July 2021)

A battle rages in our culture over gender and sexuality. Though from its earliest chapters the Bible makes clear that God created male and female in His image, grave confusion is seeping into our schools, institutions, and even our churches about these foundational identity issues. As LGBTQ activists push their agenda, our government, media, and schools promote its acceptance. We as believers must be prepared to give a reasoned, compassionate, Biblical response to those mired in sexual sin. To help us toward this goal, M.D. Perkins, producer of the acclaimed film “In His Image” of American Family Studios (a division of American Family Association), will be speaking throughout Michigan to equip us to respond lovingly and Biblically regarding issues of gender identity and sexual orientation. This is such a crucial subject today; please make every effort to attend!

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