What YOU need to know about The Great Reset

By: American Decency Staff

Join us at the American Decency building (203 E. Main St., Fremont, MI) NEXT week Thursday (2/22/24) from 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM for our first event of the year!

With a Marxist-driven globalist agenda seemingly overtaking the world at increasingly rapid speed, many are terribly concerned while others wonder, “What’s God doing in all of this?”

How is it that today, well educated people can claim, with a straight face, that men can have babies? Why are concerned parents labeled “terrorists” in a school board meeting simply for opposing obscene, pornographic, and homosexual material in their school library? How can our leaders think migrants crossing our border at a rate surpassing the population of entire states is a good thing?  What is “woke ideology,” who’s behind it, and why?

Answer these questions and many more by learning about the Great Reset – what it is and why you should know – at our upcoming event with Jay Jusino.

Jay taught in a Newaygo (MI) public school thirty years ago and now resides in Alabama. He’s a husband and father of seven children and taught in public and Christian schools over his 22-year career. Trained in biology, he has also taught chemistry, anatomy, physics, logic, Bible, and world religions.  He also authored the book Truth Is Fallen In The Street: Examining the Pedagogy of Christian Teachers in Public Schools.

As Jay addresses The Great Reset he reveals the purposeful Marxist/Darwinian history behind it and its future effects on both the world and the church. He’s done his research and shares a plethora of supporting slides and video clips. In presenting the globalist theme hailed by so many leaders around the world, he explains why Christians must recognize and understand this globalist narrative in order for us to “effectually function in regards to the principles of Eph. 5:11, Prov. 24:11-12, and Eph. 6:11-13.

This thoroughly Christian truth-teller touches on transhumanism, addresses Klaus Schwab and his Fourth Industrial Revolution, and constantly brings us back to the Word of God, helping us to remember that in responding to global troubles, we are first and foremost Christians. Above all, our duty is to honor and obey our Creator and Redeemer.

Join us Thursday, February 22, from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm (with a built in 20-minute break) at American Decency Association (203 E Main Street, Fremont) to get a better understanding of “The Great Reset,” understand what they are trying to accomplish, and why it’s vital that we recognize the immense danger facing us if they continue to have their way.


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