Walk for Life THIS Saturday

By: American Decency Staff

This Saturday (1/20/24), grab your hat, scarf, and mittens; brush the snow off your car; and bring your family and friends to the American Decency Headquarters (203 E. Main St. Fremont, MI) for the Newaygo County Right to Life’s annual Walk for Life! The walk starts at 11 am, so, show up early, make new acquaintances, pick out your sign to carry (or make your own and bring it), and show our community that all life is precious and should be protected – from the womb to the elderly.

With the culture of death expanding and becoming so pervasive in our state, it’s vital that those who believe in the sanctity of life stand with a united voice, proclaiming the message that murder is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. We have other options available to us; let’s promote them!

As we walk through downtown Fremont, spend time in prayer for those people who have tough decisions to make, the seemingly impossible situations they are in, those in lawmaking positions, and the potential victims of this crime against life.

Historically, the number of pastors who have shown up to this event has often been disappointing as we gather faithfully on this occasion.  We are thankful for the many churches in our community but so often are saddened as we wonder why pastors aren’t with us showing their love and biblical convictions and strong caring for life.  What an encouragement it is when spiritual leaders join with us!

Let this be an encouragement to you to ask your pastor to gather with us and join us in our walk-through town and back – praying together as we go.   Let us ask God that He would bring perhaps 3 pastors (or more) for this year to join us for this important public time where we express our love for God and the unborn together.

This is not a denominational thing; it’s not a Catholic or Protestant or Baptist thing. It’s a visible standing for life and protecting those who are created in the image of God thing!

If we do not stand for those who have no voice or no ability to stand, who will? If our caring is simply lip service, we do not care enough!

Please, set aside an hour this Saturday and join like-minded individuals.  Let us together show that there are still people who care about the sanctity of life.

Note: There is a Newaygo County Right to Life meeting tonight at 7 pm held at the American Decency Headquarters. All are invited to come and hear what their plans are for this new year.

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