Tyranny and Treason

By: Steve Huston

Wow, the article I had been working on as a warning just (1/17/24) turned into an announcement of praise to God. When an attack on our national sovereignty would seem to be assuredly successful, God’s grace and mercy came through – adding His hand of Providence to the voice of the American people – for without Him we can do nothing.

In case you are unaware of what I’m talking about, let me share with you Kevin Freeman’s announcement, in part, then give some explanation to what these Natural Asset Companies (NAC) are, and, finally, give warning of another attack upon our nation’s sovereignty. As the next paragraph quotes Freeman, keep in mind that speaking up for right and praying for God’s merciful intervention can continue to yield positive results:

IMPACT UPDATE! THEY HEARD YOUR VOICE. We asked our audience to take action and you did. The SEC (Security Exchange Commission) just announced the withdrawal of the fast-tracked rule change request to create the United Nations-backed Natural Asset Company (NAC) rule. GREAT WORK EVERYONE!” After sharing the announcement made by the SEC, he ended with: “On January 17, 2024, the Exchange withdrew the proposed rule change (SR-NYSE-2023-09).”

Wonder what this is all about? For a fuller understanding I would recommend to you The Epoch Times (ET) article Inside Wall Street’s Plan to Trade America’s Natural Resources 1/11/24 and a webinar hosted by Frank Gaffney at PresentDangerChina.org entitled Stop America’s sell-off – and sell-out (PDC). I’ll do my best to give you the gist of this attack on our national sovereignty which has been averted…for now!

Wall Street is helping Biden and his globalist friends gain a further stranglehold on Americans by attempting to bring “natural assets into the financial mainstream.” This puts our national sovereignty at stake and attacks the ownership of personal property. Under the guise of fighting “global warming,” they hope to turn a profit “by monetizing the right to control America’s public and private land.”

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)… have proposed setting up a new type of company called a Natural Asset Company (NAC), which would pool investors’ money from around the world to buy the rights to land in the United States with the goal of restricting its use to ‘sustainable’ endeavors.” (ET) This is a prohibition on “unsustainable” activities and, as the Gaffney webinar warns, it’s an attempt to seize property and turn intangibles into tangible assets, which means they can control and tax them. James Lindsay summarized it as “a form of voodoo accounting where they’re going to use whatever models they come up with to determine the value of natural assets, which seems to be something they could probably do on the fly to determine how much value is being extracted from not using a forest or not using mining rights on land or farming or whatever else.” (PDC)

Not only will this have the high potential of limiting food production by an already over-regulating regime (attacks on fertilizer, beef production, etc.), but it sets the stage for creating carbon credit, biodiversity credit, sustainability credit; these are means to control us. It’s similar to the CCP’s social credit score.

Margaret Byfield warns: “the end game is to acquire the resources and to acquire the property, with the NACs being the vehicle that is going to allow them to do that…It’s important to know that there is one way that these NACs can be delisted. They have to manage the areas for sustainability. They cannot allow any activities on these lands that are not sustainable or cannot be replenished. The one way they can be delisted is if they do allow those activities. So, they can start once they get control of all of the assets. And if you have a sovereign wealth fund, such as one owned by China, investing in these NACs, they can hold on to these NACs, squeeze out all the productive resources, and then once they have final ownership control of these resources, then they simply start to mine oil. You know, drill, extract all the resources, and the only penalty that they will receive on the New York Stock Exchange is to be delisted. And then all restrictions are off and you can do whatever they want with the land. That’s really when you look at the long game, that’s where we think they are headed with this is that complete control of the resources, which makes it terribly dangerous from a national security perspective, not only to mention what it’s doing to the American people, in that it is taking our property, which is equivalent to taking our liberty.” (PDC)

Gratefully, this has been stopped for now, but the global warming “crisis” is what’s driving this and similar nonsensical and dangerous attacks upon our nation and its citizens. They will keep using “crises” to either covertly or manipulatively move the masses to give up their freedoms. So, it’s imperative for us to be well informed regarding the truth about climate change! Epoch Times (12-30-23) has a helpful article on the CO2/climate change “crisis”: Climate Scientists Say We Should Embrace Higher CO2 Levels. Even more importantly, don’t miss experts describe how the Left and the CCP are weaponizing climate change and the hoax that it is; watch this Frank Gaffney webinar from Present Danger China.

An even greater, immediate threat on America’s sovereignty, which will affect every person within these United States, is the Biden regime’s desire to give control of America over to the World Health Organization. I urge you to read our article on this here.

Lord God, please help us again! The attacks are seemingly innumerable and the odds nearly incalculable, but You, O Lord, continue to rule and overrule. No odds are greater than You. Amen.

Why at this point of America’s history are we so inundated by multiple crises, fake or manufactured, one on top of the other? James Madison boldly answers: “Crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant.” Proving again that “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” is more than a quote; it’s a solemn truth which must be lived out, sought out, and prayed out.

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