Act NOW! National Sovereignty at Stake

By: Steve Huston

The current administration has been working consistently and diligently with globalists and the CCP in an effort to destroy our national sovereignty in several ways. Currently our focus is on their attempt to hand America’s national sovereignty over to the World Health Organization (WHO). One of the results would be that the WHO will dictate to America, and any other country who joins this agreement, what constitutes a pandemic and how it must be handled, regardless whatever national laws might be in place to protect the citizens of that nation. The WHO will have the power to speak into gun rights, LGBTQ+ laws, social engineering, and an endless list of things that We the People currently have the right to speak into and stop or allow for ourselves.

Time is of the essence. The window of opportunity is closing fast, with comments no longer allowed after Monday, January 22. I urge you; please read this email below that was sent out by Gary Bauer yesterday. ACT on it NOW and spend some time petitioning our heavenly Father over this matter. THEN, continue to pray and REST in our Lord and His sovereign grace. The remainder of this email alert is copy and pasted from Gary Bauer’s End of the Day Report (1/16/24).

 SOS – Save Our Sovereignty

I have been working closely with the James Dobson Family Institute and former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann to expose the effort by the Biden administration to give away America’s sovereignty to the World Health Organization (WHO). This is just one of the many reasons why this upcoming election is so important.

President Biden and his operatives are working with the WHO on a new agreement for the next pandemic, even though the WHO terribly botched the response to the COVID pandemic.

The WHO is riddled with radical social engineers, communist Chinese influencers and every other bad actor you can think of.

For example, the WHO just put together a committee to produce guidelines for countries all over the world on how to handle the transgender issue. Predictably, the vast majority of people on the committee are either transgender themselves or radical LGBTQ activists.

In short, the WHO is on the verge of declaring that every human being on the planet has a right to decide their own gender and that our laws must conform to the WHO dictates.

The Biden administration is currently accepting comments on the “WHO Pandemic Agreement.” They need to hear from the American people now!

ACTION ITEM: The comment process, however, is different this time. For whatever reason, the comment page on the Federal Register website is not accepting comments. So, you have to email your comments directly. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Use this email address:

The email address above is hyperlinked to automatically generate an email message for you that should include the subject line below. If it does not launch automatically, just copy and paste the email address and the subject line into your own email message.

2. Use this EXACT subject line: “Written Comment Re: Implications of Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Commitments/Regimes and Other Proposed Commitments in the WHO Pandemic Agreement”

3. Here are the key points to emphasize in your message:

* State your opposition to the World Health Organization Pandemic Preparedness Agreement.

* Tell them that you oppose the surrender of our sovereignty and decision-making to WHO bureaucrats regarding control of “pandemic-related products” and forcing disputes to be settled at the World Court in The Hague.

* Tell them that you also oppose the Pandemic Preparedness Agreement because it threatens to stifle free speech in the name of fighting “misinformation.” Sadly, we know the so-called “experts” were the source of a lot of COVID “misinformation.”

The comment period ends Monday, January 22nd, so do not delay. Again, to ensure that your comments are received, you must include the subject line above in your message and DO NOT alter it. (Emphasis added in this last paragraph)


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