The Pot Stirring CCP

By: Steve Huston

We all know people who love to stir the pot; they find great pleasure in causing discouragement, division, and disarray. One might be on the verge of making peace, or at least amicably co-existing, with another and that pot-stirrer will come along and “poke the bear,” “shake the beehive,” or whatever phrase you’d like to use which results in dissension instead of peace.

We had made several positive steps in overcoming “racism” in America, but the Left has kept “shaking the beehive,” arousing feelings among all classes and ethnicities which were tantamount to sharp stings of hatred and division, making it nearly impossible for the fact that unity and love must prevail, or else the resulting division would only move us further down the road to collapse. And the “Pot Stirrer in Chief” has done all within his power to bring greater division between conservatives and liberals than others have been able to do on a national level in a long time.

“United we stand. Divided we fall” is more than a Winston Churchill quote or a funky 1970’s song by the Brotherhood Of Man; it’s a Biblical truth.  Jesus told us in Mark 3:24-25, “And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.

Recently, the Epoch Times (ET), pointing to “a declassified intelligence report and multiple private-sector investigations,” revealed how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has taken our “racism” and other divisions, turned them into political weapons of mass destruction through unrestricted warfare, and thereby influenced and interfered with American elections in the 2022 midterms. “The effort included a broad array of techniques…including retaliation against U.S. lawmakers, the promotion of divisive content, and the impersonation of American voters online.” (ET)

Our electoral process is only one of the guarantees afforded to citizens of the United States, allowing them to play a role in their self-governance. When that major role is jeopardized by America’s enemies, either foreign or domestic, it’s an attack on the ideal of American government and, particularly, upon each of us, her citizens.

Retaliation against U.S. lawmakers

The CCP correctly identified the legislative branch as having the power and being more likely to take action against its core interests, “As such, the regime hoped to ensure that pro-China candidates won their races, regardless of party affiliation, according to Sam Kessler, a geopolitical adviser at the North Star Support Group risk advisory firm.” (ET)

As though the CCP’s applied its social credit score to our own political process, this report revealed that if a congressional candidate had anti-China views, they would take action to “punish” those candidates, while rewarding others “for their perceived support of Beijing.”

Mr. Kessler believes that the CCP felt it could take such bold actions because “the regime likely ‘perceived themselves being under less scrutiny’ since the 2020 election.” (ET)

Promotion of divisive content

[T]he regime also sought to covertly use social media accounts, proxy websites, paid influencers, and public relations firms to manipulate U.S. public opinion about China, according to the report.” (ET)

The CCP used more than 50 platforms to “spread pro-Chinese communist and anti-U.S. propaganda.” Pinterest, Reddit, TikTok, X, and YouTube are but a few of these platforms and were also focused on key U.S. allies. These were used “to sow division in the United States and inflame tensions about divisive social issues…as well as disparaging democracy and claiming that voting isn’t useful.” Meta stated in August of last year that it had purged more than 7,700 Facebook accounts that were linked to China.

Impersonation of American voters online

According to a Microsoft report from September of last year, “Chinese-based hackers impersonated American voters online and used artificial intelligence (AI) to create and promote divisive content during the 2022 midterms.” (ET)

Lest one thinks that the CCP is only targeting one party, this report states, “These accounts posed as Americans across the political spectrum and responded to comments from authentic users.

So much more can be read on each of these divisions here or a short summary viewed here.

Dear Reader, this is NOT simply about the midterms! Mr. Kessler expects increased “malign influence operations by China and other countries like Russian, Iran, and Cuba” meant to disrupt and influence the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

The legislative branch of our government was designed to wield the most power in this system of checks and balances. We must insist that Congress takes the necessary steps to put a stranglehold on the CCP and other foreign influencers. In addition, Congress needs to take the necessary steps to strengthen election integrity, domestically speaking. When they fail to do their duty in representing the will of the people within their constitutional bounds, they play a role in attacking our right to self-governance.

When elections are influenced by foreign elements, it’s not surprising. But when domestic players within the populace, government, or businesses – like social media platforms – play active and secondary roles in election tampering, it’s traitorous. Righteous indignation should well up within each of us over such a prospect and we should demand justice regarding these enemies of liberty. One of the greatest ways in which our own government is attacking us is through the open border crisis; it does have direct and indirect influences on our elections, our safety, and culture.

Even if justice isn’t served in this lifetime, we know it will be meted out in eternity. In the meantime, we must take every step possible to protect election integrity.

 Sometimes we are tempted to treat these reports as “old hat,” it’s over with so move on, or glibly state, “What can we even do?” We mustn’t yield to that temptation. And even though our government is far removed from that which our founders blessed us with, we must continue to strive for truth and righteousness, so far as it lies within us and the affect we can have as we play our active role in self-governance, on the state and federal levels.

 Here are a few good places to start:

Patrick Colbeck on Frank Speech here and here.

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