Praise Fest

By: Bill Johnson

This Saturday, June 29, 2024, Newaygo County Grassroots is sponsoring a Praise Fest as we celebrate Jesus’ love for His people in word and deed between 2:30 and 5 pm.

Join Representative Joseph Fox and American Decency Association’s President, Bill Johnson at the SE corner of M-37 and M-82; they’ll be speaking near the opening of this gathered time of praise and prayer.

Our communities are filled with personal, local, state, and national needs and concerns. Newaygo County Grassroots has been joyfully and faithfully ministering together with others throughout the communities of Newaygo County in the name of Christ!

A side note:   On this day, there will be others across town gathering to celebrate what they call Gay Pride.

Whether you’ll be attending the Praise Fest or not, we urge you to be in prayer before, during, and after this event.  Come as you can, when you can and as long as you are able – that God would be glorified!

M.D. Perkins, the producer of the widely circulated documentary movie, In His Image and author of Dangerous Affirmation reminds us: “The scriptural truth about homosexuality is not nearly as complicated as we have made it seem over the past 50 years. … God made us male and female.  Homosexuality is an abomination… God rescues sinners from their bondage to sin and transform them by His grace.   (Dangerous Affirmation p. 209)

Our heart cry is to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and our neighbors as ourselves.

Join us as we spread the love of Jesus and pray for those who as someone(s) once prayed for us:  That we would come to know our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ!  May God be with us as we humbly come together prayerfully and lovingly in His Name!

There will be bottled water, snacks and a canopy tent.  Please bring a chair, if you would like one.

Join Newaygo County Grassroots this Saturday, June 29, from 2:30 pm to 5 pm at the SE corner of M-37 and M-82. Be ready to PRAISE, PRAY, and PROMOTE the love, grace, and mercy of God to others!



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