Our Walgreens Prayer Vigil

By: American Decency Staff

In Monday’s email alert, we discussed the case being considered by the Supreme Court regarding the rules for chemical abortions, or abortions by pill. As we said in that article, the majority of abortions today are done with this method, in a doctor’s office, and following an ultrasound. But under new rules instated by the FDA, the pills would able to be prescribed by any doctor without an in-person visit and picked up at a local pharmacy or even mailed across state lines, making the murder of these babies much more convenient to the mothers, if more dangerous to them, and turning our local pharmacies into abortion mills.

America’s largest pharmacy chains, CVS and Walgreens, have already announced their readiness to participate in this atrocity, if the Supreme Court allows them to. As we wrote Monday, our intention was to pray at our local Walgreens while the Supreme Court was hearing arguments on this case, and to have signs informing passersby that their neighborhood pharmacy, which has provided help and relief, would now be dealing death.

We carried out our intentions, in spite of foreboding clouds and scattered showers leading up to our scheduled time to meet on the sidewalk. It wasn’t long, however, before torrential showers, heavy winds, thunder, and hail, forced us back to our vehicles. The rain smeared the marker on the sign and then the winds broke it in half and hurled it into the street as we crossed. Then, nearly as soon as we were all in our vehicles, the weather died back down. We all walked away feeling as if we had experienced real spiritual warfare.

However, for the short time we were outside of the Walgreens, we were encouraged to have many cars drive by honking in support. Some homeschool students in attendance actually expressed gratitude for the experience, allowing them to stand against what they know to be wrong, even if it was a miserable few minutes.

As for the court case itself, we won’t know what the court decides until June, so we can continue to pray for righteous wisdom for them and pharmacy executives.



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