Join Kamal and ADA tomorrow, March 15, 2024

By: Kimberly Cargill

It’s been several years since we have had our friend and brother in Christ, Kamal Saleem, come and speak. We’ve appreciated his ministry throughout the years and we considered ourselves blessed that he is joining us at American Decency headquarters (203 E. Main St. Fremont) TOMORROW (Friday, March 15) at 6:30 PM. Please call 231-924-4050 or email to register or to get more information on this March 15 event.

It’s likely that some of our newer readers aren’t familiar with who Kamal Saleem is. That being the case, below is his bio:

Kamal Saleem was born into a large Sunni Muslim family in the heart of the Middle East. Kamal was then recruited by the Muslim Brotherhood at an early age and completed his first mission in Israel at the age of seven.  Kamal was also recruited by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (The PLO) and other radical Muslim groups. The many years of his radical Islamist training, resulted in Kamal mastering every form of divisive extremist tactic.

Kamal left his family and home in the Middle East as a young man to enter his mission field: the United States. In 1985, Kamal’s world turned upside down when he was seriously injured in an automobile accident. A Christian man tended to Kamal at the accident scene, making sure he got the medical treatment he needed. Kamal’s orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist were also Christian men whom over a period of several months ministered the unconditional love of Jesus Christ to him as he recovered. The love and sacrificial giving of these men caused Kamal to cry out to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob acknowledging his need for the Savior. Kamal has since become a man on a new mission, as an Ambassador for Christ, the one true and living God.

We don’t hear as much about Islam in America as we once did, but it’s active both here and abroad. Gratefully, the Lord has been active as well, moving people from deception to truth and transforming lives. This is a unique opportunity to hear from a man who was in the thick of things and understands both the Islamic and Christian mindset. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear Kamal speak on these topics and more:

* What do you see happening in America today?

* Is Islam still on the move in America? If so, what are the evidences of it?

* In the past, you always believed that the American church was going to rise up and that we would see a great revival.  Do you still believe that?  If so, what are evidences of that?

* Give us counsel, as your Christian brothers and sisters, as to what things we should be doing to prepare for the spiritual warfare that is rising up before us.

I, for one, am really looking forward to hearing Kamal’s insight on the above topics, plus whatever other messaging he is bringing.

Join us TOMORROW at 6:30 PM! Be sure to invite your friends and family for this unique presentation.

Please call 231-924-4050 or email to register or to get more information on this March 15 event.


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