DEFUND and Depart from the UN

By: Steve Huston

Your representative NEEDS to hear from you! The sovereignty and safety of our nation and its citizens are at stake. To continue as we have is to undermine the future of your children and the world. Details below. Learn and share these truths and efforts with others.

Arizona’s Representative Andy Biggs has long said that the United States needs to leave the United Nations. By belonging, “You give up your sovereignty to the United Nations, and the UN is not a friend to the U.S., it has undermined us repeatedly.

Similarly, in an effort to restore American sovereignty and depart from the United Nations, Texas Representative Chip Roy and Utah’s Senator Mike Lee have introduced the DEFUND Act; H.R. 6645 stands for Disengaging Entirely From the United Nations Debacle. The DEFUND Act seeks to end U.S. participation in the United Nations system, ensuring that any future attempts to rejoin would require Senate approval. To hear the whole of Senator Lee’s introduction of this bill click here.

Rather than bringing the global peace “intended” by joining the UN, belonging to the United Nations has simply hamstrung our sovereignty while the United States, by being the major funder of the UN, funds our enemies and pays for initiatives that run contrary to our values.

In introducing this bill, Senator Lee declared, “Russia and China, nations that challenge our interests and undermine our values at every turn, hold permanent seats on the UN Security Council. China, furthermore, continues to enjoy the benefits of ‘developing nation’ status, exploiting UN programs and other monetary benefits for questionable gain.

The United States, as the UN’s largest funder, inadvertently supports these travesties. The Biden administration continues to fund, indirectly, groups like Hamas, through the United Nations Relief and Works Agency—known for its antisemitic indoctrination. Similarly, the previous administration halted funding for the United Nations Population Fund due to its support for coercive abortion practices in China.

Some argue that removing ourselves from the UN hinders our “soft power,” forcing us to rely on military strength and puts our security at risk. Sen. Lee shines light upon these deceptions, stating: “The current UN system itself erodes American soft power and compels us to conform our national interest to the whims of the so-called ‘rules-based international order.’ This fearmongering overlooks the proven value of bilateral relationships, which are the true bedrock of international diplomacy.

Other vital aspects of DEFUND include: “…restore American independence from the UN’s bureaucracy. It will repeal the foundational UN Participation Act of 1945, terminate our contributions, end participation in peacekeeping operations, and strip UN personnel of diplomatic immunity within our borders.”

Arguably, one of the most important benefits that the United States would receive by passing the DEFUND legislation would be the removal of our nation from the World Health Organization (WHO) and prohibit reentry into the UN system without the Senate’s advice and consent. When we consider how WHO handled COVID 19 and the devastation that came from their “recommendations,” one can’t help but consider just how crucial this is. When we recognize that WHO drives an agenda which runs contrary to Christian beliefs (also here as just two of many examples) and American values (their attempts to overthrow America’s sovereignty and self-governance as one example), we should all be on the phone urging our elected officials to get out of the United Nations and out of the World Health Organization. (Details at end of email.)

Rep. Andy Biggs, considered one of the staunchest constitutionalists in Washington, told The New American magazine why he has sponsored H.R. 79, which would pull the United States out of the World Health Organization. In that interview he lists three reasons:

1. Multilateral institutions, WHO being an example, are unconstitutional.

2. “Multilateral institutions also hurt the U.S. strategically in that we have a tough time holding violators accountable.”

3. “The World Health Organization is a corrupt organization controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. And the director of the World Health Organization is absolutely controlled by China.”

He continues, “And what they did in the Covid era demonstrated fully and totally how corrupt the World Health Organization is. And so we should be out of the World Health Organization.

This is an uphill battle and your elected officials need to hear from you! Rep. Biggs couldn’t even generate enough interest in his fellow congressmen to support legislation which would “just stop the voluntary payments of hundreds of millions of dollars every year that we give to the World Health Organization.” With a budget that is out of control, why couldn’t he even get the votes for that? We the People need to put pressure on our elected officials to do the right and constitutional thing. We need to make them aware that we are watching and that our memories will not be short.

America’s national sovereignty is at stake and it’s imperative that Congress uses their Constitutional powers. America must DEFUND and depart the United Nations.

Call your representative through the capital switchboard at 1-202-224-3121 or email them:

* Urge them to support H.R. 6645, the DEFUND Act.

* Also, press upon them the importance of supporting Rep. Andy Biggs’ bill H.R. 79.



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