3 in 3 for February 2, 2024

By: Steve Huston

As I’ve turned my calendar to February, I’m reminded that 2024 is only a month old and, here in the north, we will continue to have snow and mostly overcast skies. I long for warmer weather and sunshine, but, living in Michigan, that means I’ll need to wait.

With God’s promise in Genesis 8:22, I’m assured that should I live long enough, those sunny and warmer days are only a couple of calendar page flips away. As for many of our personal questions and trials and for the following news stories narrated by Bill Johnson, we’ll need to follow Naomi’s sage advice to Ruth, “Sit still, my daughter, until thou know how the matter will fall. (Ruth 3:18).

One Amish devotional writer put it this way: “Throughout our life as Christians, God is sovereignly working out His will for us. Sometimes it seems that nothing is happening, because we can’t see anything happening. At such times God would say to us, ‘Wait. I am working things out for your good.’ At such times we can meditate on verses like Psalm 27:14: ‘Wait on the LORD.’”

Waiting for God’s providential outcomes regarding our nation, a respected religious leader, or our personal trials are, by far, more difficult than it is for me to look to warmer, sunnier days. Too often, it takes more than a few page flips of our calendars. As we wait, let us trust in the Lord and in His mighty power. He never fails.

How to Show Love When Invited to a Transgender Wedding

In recent weeks a prominent, respected pastor made headlines for encouraging a grandmother to attend her grandchild’s transgender wedding.

An online firestorm has since erupted.  While many are rightly stating that such counsel is unbiblical, others are agreeing with the pastor’s stance that attending a grandchild’s LGBT wedding gives opportunity to show love.

But is it loving to affirm someone in their sin?  As I Corinthians 13 says, “love does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth.”  Those who attend weddings are referred to as witnesses and celebrants.

What kind of witness to the truth would one have by celebrating such an egregious attack on God’s design of marriage – condoning, by one’s attendance, that which He calls an abomination?

As Christians, our primary allegiance must be to God and His WordLove for the lost must be coupled with calling them to repentance.


Don’t Upload Your Heart to the Digital Matrix

When making plans for the weekends, more Americans are trading real-life social interactions for at-home digital entertainment, whether it be video games or television, according to Labor Department data, the Federalist reports. The data reflects an accelerating trend since lockdowns: more and more Americans are seduced by cheap dopamine hits from the couch.

Increasing numbers of Americans also report dealing with issues like depression and anxiety, presumably as knowledge of how to navigate those real-life social interactions becomes a dying art.

As mobile technology has developed over the last few decades, concerned professionals and spiritual leaders alike have warned parents and kids about the dangers of being consumed by the virtual world in our hands.

And today, all of those warnings are coming true, as more and more Americans are investing more in virtual worlds than they are in the real world.

Don’t upload your heart to the digital matrix. Invest in reality, working as unto the Lord.


Amazon Prime Launches an Attack on God’s Word

Amazon Prime has launched an attack on God’s Word and on an unstable culture that knows precious little of Truth. The animated Hazbin Hotel portrays Satan as a good guy, while the angels of Heaven are simply tyrannical bullies.

In the first half of its trailer, God doesn’t exist, Adam and Lilith were both made from the dust of the earth, but Lilith left the garden because she didn’t want to submit to Adam’s demand for control. Satan found her, the two “rebellious dreamers” fell in love, and they wished to “share the magic of freewill with humanity, offering the fruit of knowledge to Adam’s new bride, Eve, who gladly accepted.

This is the epitome of Isaiah’s “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil.”

Has entertainment become an idol to be lifted up, while God’s Word takes a back seat? How will you and I respond?

Patience includes and comprehends an act of waiting upon God and his good pleasure. Waiting is an act of faith continued or lengthened out, and where faith would of itself be short-winded, patience ekes it out.” ~ Thomas Goodwin, works 2:449

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