VITAL UPDATE on Gotion plus Three in Three for 4-21-23

By: Steve Huston

VITAL UPDATE on the proposed Gotion EV battery plant in Big Rapids area:

Our regular readers will be familiar with the ecological and political dangers presented by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Gotion Electric Vehicle battery plant proposed to be funded by Michigan taxpayers and built in Green Township (Mecosta County). If unfamiliar with this topic click here, here, or here.

I urge you to read this article by Fox News regarding the Michigan state Senate Appropriations Committee approving “$175 million in taxpayer funding for Gotion — a subsidiary of the Hefei, China-based Gotion High-Tech — to build an electric vehicle (EV) battery plant in Big Rapids.” There are plenty of angry folks, and rightfully so. According to the article and to some of those who made comment:

*  The corporate bylaws of Gotion High-Tech, whose California-based subsidiary Gotion proposed the Michigan plant, requires the company to “carry out Party activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Communist Party of China.”

*  “…our representatives are serving the demands of our governor over the request of our citizens.”

*  The vote for funding was rushed and the hearing was scheduled with little notice.

*  “This CCP-controlled company represents communism and is a threat to our way of life and our God-given and constitutional freedoms. We don’t want the CCP here by way of the Gotion plant as they have no regard for the value and dignity of human life.”

*  “Kyle Luce, the supervisor of Barton Township, a jurisdiction near where the facility is proposed, said 85% of his residents polled were opposed to Gotion’s project.”

This is wickedness from the top of our state officials to some of the local elected officials who are selling our/their people down the river for who knows what personal gain. This is not what our founders had in mind regarding representative government. It’s a wicked act, a blow against liberty, safety, and the future of our state, nation, and children.


If you don’t, you’ll be on your knees in subservience.

Three in Three: Decency Minutes:

We count it an express privilege to create, record, post on the web, and, here, share news and inspirational tidbits called Decency Minutes. They are meant to both inform and whet your appetite for further research. Our prayer is that they will bless you and that you will pass them on to others (social media or forwarding this email works well). Click on each heading to listen.

What Are They Really Trying to Control?

When it comes to forcing electric vehicles on Americans, the Biden administration has gone from the bully pulpit to bully tactics.  Biden recently issued a decree which will require that by 2032, 67% of all new cars must be electric, putting us at the mercy of communist China which dominates global battery production.

It’s not about controlling the climate; it’s about controlling us.  The environment is just an excuse used to implement a neo-Marxist agenda.  If the government is allowed to issue dictates forcing major industries to produce a product and compel us to buy it, we are well on the way to socialism. It’s part of the effort to undermine capitalism and implement government control over every aspect of our lives.

Will the American people willingly relinquish their freedom to tyrants or will we remind those in power that they work for us?

Inappropriate Content?

Have you heard of the “J6 Prison Choir”? It’s a group of January 6 political prisoners incarcerated in a Washington DC jail who, according to New American Magazine, “sing a heart-stirring, solemn rendition of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ over a prison phone line. Their verses are interspersed with President Donald Trump reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, while somber, ambient tones play in the background. The song ends with prisoners chanting, ‘USA! USA!’” Ironically, this number-one hit is entitled “Justice For All.”

Unbelievably, when one goes to YouTube for the express purpose of listening to these political prisoners sing OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM, a warning states that it may be inappropriate for some users! You actually need to sign in to confirm your age!

What exactly does YouTube find offensive? Is it The Star-Spangled Banner, the Pledge of Allegiance, or that someone might ask, “Why are there political prisoners in D.C.?

To watch the official video and listen to the J6PC click here.

Good Gifts

Chris recently wrote for our newsletter, “One of the simple pleasures in my life is when my little flock makes its way around the house every morning. The chickens can’t see their feet, so they scratch in the dirt, take a few steps back to see what they found, peck, and repeat. My ducks look so self-important marching around the yard, always on the hunt for better snacks. My rooster, somehow knows it’s his duty to march around the house at 5AM and crow at the top of his lungs to let us know that the sun is coming up. God calls all of this “very good.”

God is glorified when we receive His gifts with humility and wonder, in the knowledge that we deserve none of it. “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from the Father of lights” James 1:17 tells us. And He is not stingy.


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