By: Steve Huston

Michigan is still in trouble and we still need to make others aware of just how much trouble our beautiful and beloved state is in. The following is an email from our friends at Stand Up Michigan; please pass it around and talk it up to others.

At a time when Michigan is so divided on many issues, there is at least one matter that Republicans and Democrats both can agree on: the need to protect our environment, and preserve “Pure Michigan”.

The proposed Gotion battery plant near Big Rapids poses many environmental risks, from the volatile elements used in their manufacturing processes, some of which that have not even been fully disclosed, to the lack of transportation infrastructure in the area, which creates additional risks for significant contamination during the transport process.  The entire area would literally be one icy road mishap away from a major catastrophe.

The proposed Gotion plant is also a major risk to the entire Muskegon Watershed.  If an incident were to occur, the damages would not be contained to just Mecosta County, but all of the communities downstream, as well as Lake Michigan.  This is a dangerous gamble.

For these reasons, and many others, including significant questions regarding the company’s capital structure and national security that remain unanswered, we urge the Senate Appropriations Committee to deny the legislative transfer request to Gotion.

Michigan needs jobs, but not those that pose such significant risks to Michigan’s greatest assets – our people, our lands, and our waters.


Please join us at: Majestic Friesians Horse Farm, 21750 19 Mile, Big Rapids, MI. – Exit 142 off of US131

~Hosted by WOOD Radio’s Justin Barclay

Special video messages from: 
Glenn Beck
Tudor Dixon

Speakers include:
Ron Armstrong
Congressman John Moolenaar
Sen. Lana Theis
Tammy Clark w / Kristen- Meghan Kelly
Kristina Karamo
Ryan D. Kelley

Still waiting on final confirmation from several other speakers that you won’t want to miss!

Plus a special Q&A panel of local citizens and environmental experts!

We have a duty to protect our state, its citizens, and, particularly, our families and children. Spread the word!


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