Urgent Call to Action – TODAY!

By: Steve Huston

Do you recall the several warnings we sent out regarding Proposal 3 and the potential dangers it would bring if it should pass? Many people denied those dangers, yet, as we warned, a package of 17 bills known as the “Reproductive Health Act” will come before the Michigan House of Representatives tomorrow (September 14, 2023) and could end up on Governor Whitmer’s desk as early as next Wednesday. We are urging you to pray AND to contact your state representatives and senators now! (Links at the end of this email).

The following is a special alert from Salt and Light Global:

Last week, 17 bills were introduced in the Michigan Legislature to repeal health and safety standards from abortion clinics, legalize partial birth abortion, remove informed consent before abortion procedures, & more.

These bills, collectively known as the “Reproductive Health Act”, needlessly and recklessly endanger women by hiding the risks of abortion procedures and denying women basic health and safety protections. It prioritizes the profits of groups like Planned Parenthood over women. It devalues the dignity of human life. It disregards religious conscience. It creates policies that will destroy lives. Specifically, these bills:

SB 474 & HB 4950—remove abortion clinic licensing and reporting requirements;

SB 476—repeals informed consent for patients seeking an abortion and repeals the 24-hour waiting period;

 SB 475, SB 476 & HB 4951, HB 4952, HB 4953, HB4954, & HB 4958—repeal the laws protecting children born alive during botched abortions AND repeal common sense health and safety standards protecting the mother; 

SB 477 & HB 4957—revise the “Pregnant and Parenting Student Act” to allow campus parenting services to provide abortion referrals instead of parental resources;

SB 478, SB 479 & HB 4958, HB 4959 — allows taxpayer dollars to fund elective abortions while disregarding the sacred conscience of citizens whose religious convictions teach that the destruction of innocent human life is wrong;

 HB 4955 —repeals the law requiring humane disposal of fetal remains, thereby exposing sanitation workers to unsanitary blood and body parts and devaluing human life;

 HB 4949 — codifies the language of Proposal 3 of 2022 into law, allowing for the implementation of abortions through birth, including infanticide and partial birth abortion. This bill also repeals the “Insurance Opt Out”, allowing abortion to become part of standard insurance coverage and purports that “Every individual has a fundamental right to reproductive freedom,” without regard for age, parental consent, or other factors.

 This bill package will be taken up in the House Committee on Health Policy this Thursday, September 14, at 10:30 am. and could be called for a floor vote in the House of Representatives as early as Thursday afternoon. The Senate has not yet announced when it will hear the bills, but the committee assigned to the bills does have a meeting Tuesday, and if the Senate moves the bills to floor following that hearing, the bills could be on the Governor’s desk as early as next Wednesday. (End of Salt and Light Global alert)

As you can see, time is of the essence. We are urging all of our readers to (the following also from Salt and Light Global):

PRAY: Pray that these proposals will be permanently tabled or defeated. Pray that lawmakers will have open minds to hear truth and act to protect women and children. Pray for favor and protection on our team and our pro-life allies as we stand for truth and seek to shine the light and love of Christ.

SPEAK: Consider reaching out to your legislators to share your concerns about this legislation and make sure that they are fully informed of the dangers to women and children. Changing the mind of just one or two State Representatives could stop these bills from moving forward. Every vote matters, and your voice is essential.

 SHARE: Ask other like-minded believers to join you in prayer and efforts to educate others on this important issue.

In order to make contacting your Michigan representative or senator easier, we’ve included the following links:

Contact your Michigan state representative here.

Contact your Michigan state senator here.


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