… turned unto fables …

By: Bill Johnson

And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.   I have been watching this turn of events unfold for many years and you have too whether you have thought about it or not.

I was born in 1946. My Dad came home from World War II in 1945.  America emerged as a super power and peace and prosperity followed for many years.  Our main source of household entertainment was black and white television with family friendly themes and images which our parents trusted.   From my perspective, and I believe from the vast majority of those raised in that time frame, there was widespread agreement as to what was right and what was wrong.  Abortion, pornography, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and transgenderism were not a part of the national lexicon through the 50s or into the early 60s.  For the most part, there was peace and wide-spread cooperation in the land.  Certainly, there were two political parties as there are today – as well as major philosophical, economic, military, educational differences.  Still there was, for the most part, human civility exerted by the party by both sides – with some exceptions.

Though this civility and, yes, cooperation were incrementally diminishing until recent years, there was no disguising the growing animosity.  Many of us remember when the Democratic Party removed God and prayer from its party platform.  Consider that in the context of the scripture being chewed on in this article – turning from truth unto fables.

Not so long ago we were still (though barely) standing on the shoulders of our forefathers and the fruit of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  The majority of Americans were supportive of the Ten Commandments.  Our schools were safe.  Many seldom locked their cars or houses.  Law enforcement was regarded and appreciated.  The Boy Scouts were for boys. The Girl Scouts were for girls, and there was little to no need to guard their distinctives. Truth was true.  Science was science but was not higher than God.  The Bible was authoritative and regarded as God’s Word whether it was read or not (and let’s be honest – most weren’t reading their Bibles).  Church was lightly attended but it was still held with some sense of sacredness.

But things began to change – slowly at first – in the late sixties, and it could be seen and felt. The sexual images became bolder.  The portrayal of healthy manhood and femininity were altered.  Once it was shameful to even be featured in Playboy magazine.  Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, etc. amped up their images of partially nude women and began to include articles legitimizing behaviors unspoken of just a few years earlier.  Television talk shows also began to emerge such as Phil Donahue, Jenny Jones, Geraldo Rivera and others – filling the airwaves with discussions of the abnormal and unhealthy treated as acceptable and normal, objectifying women, making men look buffoonish and out of touch.

In 1996, USA Today reported that there was a new swath of “gay” comedy programs in the evening and that major advertisers were getting behind them.  As the writer stated: “somehow they seemed to be getting a little less afraid of the old taboos.” Comedic programs with canned laughter in the background gave a sense of acceptability, greasing the skids for further moral decline – making acceptable that which God said was detestable, and so should we.

Recently we see Drag Queen Story Hour in local libraries in communities all across America. Some parents took their young school children to watch some identity-confused male dressed as a woman at the local library.  Where were the adults in droves stopping this wickedness; yes, getting off the couch and going to a meeting to say “STOP NOW – not in this community,” making a “stink” with others – saying publicly, “This type of trash degrades our children and our lives (turning truth unto fables.)”

How many of us have remarked about the changing tide as we see adults allowing their young ones go to a surgeon to have their body mutilated – cutting off genitalia and falling for the whims of utter foolishness.  Doctors? Surgeons?   You too?  Turning away from the truth? You who take an oath to “Do no harm?”

Just 13 months ago, April 7, 2022 Ketanji Brown Jackson was named to the United States Supreme Court.  When she was undergoing questioning at the confirmation hearing she was asked the question “What is a woman?”  She wouldn’t OR couldn’t answer it – a Harvard graduate.  Another blow to sanity, honesty, truth.  It is also precedent-setting for such a highly educated individual failing to be straight-forward on such a basic question.   Maybe that’s the point.

One wonders how it can be that a Harvard graduate who has served as a judge in a high position cannot answer before a watching world the question – what is a woman? – and, at the same time not be diligently scrutinized, criticized and denied the nomination to the highest court in the land. How can our leaders be so impervious of the implications of placing such a person into a position with so much power and responsibility, to guard and uphold the truth at the highest governmental level?

Have these once highly trusted professionals now become walking liars – tellers of fables?

Can it be refuted that sending our young men and women to such godless/secularized institutions is indeed “turning their ears from the truth and turning them unto fables.”

And what does this say about a government that moves on as if all is well?

It is plain to see that people without biblical convictions easily acclimate to words, pictures, and perverse themes.  God in His Word says: Romans 1:25 “they exchanged the truth for a lie.”  II Timothy 4:4-5 says: “And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”


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