Three in Three for 3-17-23

By: Steve Huston

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What’s Sinful?

Recently, Joe Biden said it was “close to sinful” and “cruel” for states to pass legislation protecting children from transgender mutilation.
Yet, what is truly sinful and cruel is the indoctrination of children with an ideology that denies their God-designed identity and puts them on a path of irreversible mutilating surgeries, harmful puberty blockers, and depression.

Biden added that he wants to pass federal legislation prohibiting states from protecting minor children from life-altering transgender surgeries and drugs. Ron DeSantis fired back at Biden, stating: “It is not “sinful” to prohibit the mutilation of minors.  … Children are not guinea pigs for science experiments, and we cannot allow people to make money off mutilating them.”

What is sinful is to deny the Truth God has revealed to all mankind.  Biden should heed the warning in Isaiah: “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil.

American Decency published an article on this topic earlier in the week.


The Bold, Painful, Loving Truth

It can be emotionally difficult for Christians, who are taught to be compassionate, to be accused of being hateful when they don’t go along with transgender ideology. Here’s what Matt Walsh has to say to radicals who accuse Christians of being hateful:

“The rest of us were living our lives and minding our own business before you demanded that we abandon everything we know about fundamental, physical reality for your sake…

“You claimed the right to walk into whatever bathroom you want, whatever locker room, whatever sports team…

“You came after our children, seeking to suck them into your suicide cult, just to make yourselves feel better. You tried to restructure human society to try to make it affirming to you, personally. You tried to control how we speak even when you’re not in the room…”

Christians, remember, when our response to these offenses is to speak the truth in love, it is not hateful.

Listen to Matt Walsh’s full six-minute monologue, addressing the transgender attack on our culture and the reasonableness of telling them, “No.”


Tangled Threads

A sign hanging in a textile mill read: “When your thread becomes tangled, call the foreman.” A new employee’s thread became tangled, and looking at the sign, she thought, “I can straighten this out.” Before long, the tangled thread became an absolute mess. Calling the foreman, she said, “I did the best I could.” The foreman replied, “No, you didn’t. The best thing you could have done was to call me.”

Who do you call for help when the threads of your life become tangled? By your own hand the knots only get tighter and more complicated.

Are you working things out “according to the Word of God” or are you working your thread by the cultural standards, your own intellect, or the way in which your family has walked for generations? Be wise, call upon God, the Divine Foreman, who is able to make all things right.

An article by this title was published by American Decency last week.

We trust that these news bytes educated, stirred, and encouraged you to prayer, dare, and share. That is, that you will go to the Throne of Grace, petitioning our Heavenly Father; you will dare to speak the truth with those you meet; and share these audio spots or this email with others.


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