Three in Three for 3-10-23

By: Steve Huston

We count it a great privilege to air these one-minute spots through friends like American Family Radio (AFR), George Sholtz’s Big Country 99 (KUNQ), and Billy Douglas’ internet gospel radio station, Voice of the Lord (VOTL). We are also very grateful that we can share them with our readers on our own website; We trust that you will take this opportunity to share these one-minute news, educational, or inspirational bytes with others through social media or email. The message spreads faster and further with the help of friends like you. Click on the script’s title to hear that specific Decency Minute or click on one of the links to see a fuller article that we’ve either written or from where we’ve gotten our information.


Rotting Mackerel

Dear friend: If you can once and for all break your engagement with the flesh and become a free man in Christ, truth will be your steadfast friend.  Satan is a clever liar and will do his utmost to lead you into a place where falsity is being preached. Be careful brother. Be careful sister.

As you study and grow, be careful and beware of “new doctrine.” When you hear a new notion about the truth, go to God in prayer and seek his counsel.  Search the scriptures.  The truth will stand up under scrutiny. But error, like fish, says William Gurnall of old, begins to stink after a few days.  You do not want to poison your soul with rotting mackerel when you could be feeding on manna from Heaven.


Faithful to the End

Recently, we both lamented, and yet celebrated, the life of a treasured servant of the Lord, Marilyn VanHouten aged 93.

Marilyn was adored and honored by her children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. Committed to her God and her family; able to endure afflictions, many afflictions.

We at American Decency Association also know Marilyn for being one of the backbones of ADA as a long-time volunteer from the earliest days of our ministry – 1985.

Marilyn was kept by the Hand of the Lord and her ears were turned toward the Lord and the truth of His ways all of her days. Her life was a solid representation of the fruit of truth in her life and in that of her children.

Marilyn VanHouten was the quintessential answer to the question “What is a woman?”

Bill Johnson wrote a few words regarding this saintly servant of Christ here.


Spiritual Warfare

Paul, with great insight, reveals that our real enemies are not “flesh and blood.” Rather, our mortal enemy is a spiritual one, Satan himself, directing a host of evil spirits to make war against the saints.

When you’re reproached and persecuted; when you see men striving furiously against the truths or servants of Christ; do not fear their power nor admire their talents. Recognize that such men are the emissaries of the devil; they are only his puppets.

INSTEAD…stand having done all to stand in this evil day. Dress in the armor of Light; put on Christ. For it is He who will do battle, through His servants, in this temporal, earthly realm.

Hold fast during these trying times, for Jesus has vanquished every foe and He will usher every saint, by God’s grace, into Heaven, presenting them blameless before the throne of His Father.

There’s victory in Jesus!


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