Michigan’s Attack on Election Integrity

By: American Decency Staff

Hidden agendas…new burdensome state mandates…what’s an already overtaxed local township clerk to do? With much of the election system on the brink of breaking to the Left’s control, it’s disheartening to those who stand for election integrity. Prop 22-2 passed, allowing 9-day early voting in Michigan which gives opportunities for further election manipulations. For example:

1. Internet connection to voting results: In the past, election units weren’t allowed to be connected to the internet. Now, townships are required to be connected to the internet every day during the 9-day early vote. Connection to the internet only allows interception of transmitted data, and opens the door extra early for manipulation of the election counts provided.

2. Tabulator updates/maintenance: Tabulators are required to be maintained by a certain company on a regular basis. This company used to visit each local township and complete their maintenance with the local clerk present the entire time. This year the local townships are required to remove the section of the tabulator that needs to be updated/maintained, and deliver it to the county clerk office where the company will come in and do their updates/maintenance of each township’s tabulator section. Why aren’t the local clerks allowed/required to stay with their tabulator section during this process? What is the reason for this change?

How do we know what’s included in this upgrade and what might be added/done in the process, especially when the clerk isn’t present or knowledgeable about the maintenance process? Both of these changes deepen the question of voter manipulation and election integrity. Township clerks are responsible for overseeing local elections, the equipment, and are accountable to their constituents for voter integrity. Shouldn’t they be allowed to hold others in the election arena accountable as well?

3. State grant funding for county clerks for 9-day early voting, but not for local township clerks: The state of Michigan is providing grant money to county clerk offices who host joint 9-day early voting for the local townships through a joint agreement with the townships. This is to encourage the county clerk to seduce the local township clerks to submit to the hierarchy of authority, when it is not proper to do so. This is another way of manipulating the system and it strong-arms the local townships so the state can take full control from the locals.

The state is not allowing any state grant money to go to townships who stand on their own for 9-day early voting, or even if they have joint agreements with townships who are contiguous to them. Those local units are forced to bear the extra financial burden themselves, which most cannot do. The state forces the hand of the local townships by withholding equal funds to ALL units, and only funding the county for the 9-day early voting process. This is just another drop-down in the notch to those who try to stand for truth and justice of election integrity.

4. Joint Agreement for 9-day early voting timeline: The short timeline given by both the state and the county clerk office to review, consider, and vote on the early voting agreement also appears to be another manipulating factor in the election process. Why? Because these are in-depth, technical, binding agreements with governmental units and less than 30 days is not sufficient to receive, review, investigate, and vote on them. It intimidates and puts fear into the hearts of the local township clerks. The township clerk’s responsibilities are tremendous already, and the weight of this decision being forced in so short a time period only shows the lack of concern for accuracy, accountability, integrity, and thoroughness for the whole election process.

5. Township clerks resigning: With the increased and unrealistic requirements the state is putting on township clerks, we are seeing clerks drop like flies all over the state, including rural areas. Township clerks are being required to do more than is reasonably possible for one person to do, especially in rural areas where the township clerk position has only been a part-time position that is commonly filled by someone who works a full-time job as well. Local townships don’t have the funds to operate with full-time staff and the means of doing so is not likely available, along with the continual election training needed for the ever-changing rules and regulations the state keeps implementing. The state is making it impossible to obtain and maintain reliable township clerks. Isn’t this likely just another step in their plan to take control from the townships?

While we may feel our rural elections are currently not being violated or interfered with, how long will that last? Will the current officials and electors stand with due diligence in support of that?  Or will it be like a snowball effect because of the added pressures from the state, causing township officials to drop and fall away from their stance for election integrity? How long before our local election results are subject to invasion and manipulation? This opens the door (like the Covid vaccine) to test the waters of who will easily submit and who won’t, and how to manipulate the system to get the others to fall into line.  If we submit to this what are we saying to the people in our township and what will we succumb to next?  While we pray God would protect our area from this occurring, we also know that we need to have those who stand with vigilance and integrity. Is there concern for election integrity? Yes, there is. Should there be concern for election integrity? Indeed, there must be.



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