Lessons Learned in the Covid Era

By: Chris Johnson

Masking was the first of many controversial responses to the novel coronavirus that began to reign in the imaginations of civil authorities at every level. For some foolish, well-intentioned leaders, the imagining took the shape of death-tolls and societal breakdown. But for the more nefarious and power-hungry, the possibilities for seizing control were what occupied their fancies.

It must not be forgotten that the strongest proponent of wearing a mask, and later even TWO or THREE masks, began the debate by urging the public to do the opposite.

Then, within weeks, he revealed that he had only urged people NOT to wear masks for fear that health professionals would not be able to get their hands on the masks they would need.

Thus Dr. Anthony Fauci, at the outset of his celebrity, revealed to the public not only that he was not always right, but that he was willing to lie to them for what he contended was their own good.

This confidence in ignorance, trust-the-professionals-and-forget-what-they-said-yesterday approach would become the context of controversy after controversy over the next several years.

Another of the earliest examples was the almost universally cited computer models of Covid’s projected spread and death toll, helmed by Imperial College’s Professor Neil Ferguson. IT was the main impetus for the rallying cry, “Two Weeks to Flatten the Curve,” which we are all too aware gradually stretched into months, and for some segments of the population, years.

Yet, a year after the lockdowns were implemented, largely under Ferguson’s influence, Phillip W. Magness wrote for the American Institute for Economic Research, “Just over one year ago, the epidemiology modeling of Neil Ferguson and Imperial College played a preeminent role in shutting down most of the world. The exaggerated forecasts of this modeling team are now impossible to downplay or deny, and extend to almost every country on earth. Indeed, they may well constitute one of the greatest scientific failures in modern human history.”

Yet this “scientific failure” was the basis for nonsense draconian rules, illegally enforced by power hungry state officials. Recall the images of city workers putting caution tape around play structures, filling skate parks with sand, and boarding up basketball hoops. Remember the videos of police arresting a lone surfer on an empty beach or shoving a mother into a police car for bringing her kids to the park or of Idaho Christians being arrested for singing Psalms outside their city hall. Michigan restaurant goers sat at tables in walled tents with propane heaters in the middle of winter set up right next to the much more comfortable restaurant buildings. We walked past the taped off gardening section of home improvement stores (some even had security guards).

And here we began to hear the mantra that would ring in our ears for the next few years: “trust the science.” Neil Ferguson’s science, Anthony Fauci’s science, which had already been proven to be simply a tool for manipulation. Trust the scientists we heard, including Fauci, who were at that time saying that the idea the virus had escaped from a lab was ridiculous and rooted in bigotry. Yet emails acquired via the Freedom of Information Act, reveal that at the time he was saying this, his colleagues were discussing exactly that possibility with him, and he was not nearly so confident in dismissing the claim to them. And now, several federal agencies, including the FBI, have publicly stated their belief that the Covid 19 does, in fact, come from a lab in China.

Then along came the vaccine, and by this time, we were supposed to have learned that the science could be trusted and there was consensus! Except for all the people who disagreed, but they were just conspiracy theorists who weren’t even allowed to post on Facebook.

First, there were incentives. Free burgers, free donuts, free weed if you could prove that you had received a vaccine; the alleged goal was to make us healthy, remember. Then there were threats: you couldn’t travel to certain places, you couldn’t attend restaurants in New York City or DC or LA without proof of vaccination.

The vaccine was sold as the only way to ensure that you and the people around you would be safe from the virus; people questioned whether natural immunity was even possible. But it didn’t take long before “immunized” people started getting sick again, so they needed a booster, and then another booster, and then another.

The vaccines went from being sold as safe and effective, to being sold as safe, to not being talked about at all as people like James O’Keefe shared footage of Moderna and Pfizer executives and scientists unloading their consciences regarding the unethical activity around the rollout of these drugs.

After all of this, medical journal The Lancet released a report in February of this year, which is summarized, “Although protection from reinfection from all variants wanes over time, our analysis of the available data suggests that the level of protection afforded by previous infection is at least as high, if not higher than that provided by two-dose vaccination using high-quality mRNA vaccines.”

There are many more examples of the damage to individuals and the culture as a whole which could be shared, but as we cross the threshold of the three-year anniversary of the Covid era, we must not let ourselves forget the lessons we learned.

The government cannot be trusted with your wellbeing. “Scientific consensus” simply means peer pressure. The news media only provides the information that will move you in the direction they want you to go. Medical professionals are susceptible to popular narratives. Trust your Bible, your pastor, and your own eyes – and if your pastor tells you not to trust the other two, it might be time to find a new one.


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