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By: Bill Johnson

There’s something special about getting around a bunch of like-minded friends and kindred spirits, young and old.  That’s why I want you to come to our ADA fellowship breakfast, Saturday, September 16 at 9:00 AM at ADA – 203 E. Main Street, Fremont!

I hope to have several of my family members there, our staff, a board member or two and, of course, our friend Stephen Black.  But, we are not “designing” this as a Stephen Black event but rather as an opportunity for fellowship, a time of encouragement and spiritual uplifting. There will be some updates on issues of concern, but there will also be testimonials as to what God is doing in us and through us.

And what about the breakfast?  Lisa’s casserole is superb!  Just ask our volunteer mailing team.  (And mailing team volunteers of yesteryear, make sure you come, please!)

One of my great hopes and, indeed a prayer need, for this event is that one of my best friends and our ADA pianist, Robert (Bob) Azkoul, will be able to be with us. He has brought spiritual delight to many of our events over the years with his joy-filled piano playing as he has led us in such songs as “Come Holy Spirit” (… Dark is the hour; we need your filling; your love and your mighty power; move now among us; fill us we pray.  Come Holy Spirit.  Revive the Church today!)

Right now, Bob is not doing well.  He has been in the hospital and is now out, but he is weak and using a walker.  Still, he told his dear wife that he wants to serve one last time with me.  He will be having an MRI tomorrow (Friday, September 7) to finally figure out what’s wrong with him.  Please pray for Bob who will be 92-years-old soon.  Pray that even if he can’t lead us in music that he can still be with us. Bob is a man who has always been on the move in serving the Lord.  He wants to be used.  His hunger for serving and using his God-given gifts has been a great blessing to many! We have something special in mind for him, including a time of prayer over him.

Please don’t wait for the last minute to RSVP.  We do need to have an idea about how many to plan for the breakfast that Lisa will be planning and preparing.

I know you are very busy and that your time is valuable.  But, if you have an inkling that you want to come, act on it by letting us know as soon as possible.  Email:  kimberly@americandecency.org or call ADA office at 231-924-4050.

If you’re wondering, who is Stephen Black?

Stephen Black is a foremost authority on homosexuality and the healing and hope that is available in and through the sovereign power of our Lord and Savior.  Stephen will be doing several events in our area leading up to this Saturday morning and we will be asking Stephen to conclude his time with us in sharing His burden for the lost and for the church.

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