Balloons, Bombs, and a Beautiful Promise

By: Steve Huston

If 19th century poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning were reporting on China’s massive, comprehensive, and relentless efforts to spy on America, stealing our secrets, she might begin with: “How dost thou spy on me, let me count the ways.” Surely, her list would include the following (supplied by “satellites, signal intercepts, cyber warfare and countless human ‘collectors’ in this country, including actual spies but also students, businessmen, scientists and tourists. The cumulative damage being done in terms of the loss of proprietary data, classified and unclassified, alone is some $600 billion per year.” Of course, it would be set to more lyrical or flowery language, ending with big balloons and a presidential administration being slow to act, slow to inform, and highly compromised.


The Epoch Times reported, “The spectacle of a high-altitude balloon intruding into U.S. airspace twice and traversing across the country for a week has ignited outrage in Washington and renewed focus on the threat that the Chinese regime poses to the United States and its allies.

“Since downing the balloon on Feb. 4, officials have revealed it to be part of a spying program spanning 40 countries across five continents. The latest discovery from the debris recovery includes the balloon’s ability to collect electronic communications. On Feb. 10, the administration said a U.S. military jet shot down another ‘high-altitude object’ of unknown origin that was flying over Alaska at 40,000 feet.”

Still, Americans continue to blissfully purchase Chinese-made products and do business with Chinese companies while their retirement funds work with the above to further fund the CCP, essentially funding our own demise. Add to that the other means of “unrestricted warfare” through compromised congressmen, infiltrated universities, and even the Chinese purchasing private schools with JROTC programs in hopes of influencing our next generation of military leaders – only to name a few.


Many people have heard about these balloons but not so many have heard about China testing these balloons in 2018. As another article from The Epoch Times reports: “Chinese state-owned television aired footage of a high-altitude balloon dropping hypersonic weapons in 2018.

The stunning footage displays a high-altitude balloon, not dissimilar from the one that recently traversed the United States, carrying three hypersonic glide vehicles (HGVs) into high altitude and dropping them for testing.

The article goes on to report, “The balloon-dropped HGVs were part of an effort to develop precision warheads for hypersonic weapons, which would give the Chinese military an ‘unstoppable nuclear-capable weapon,’ according to the South China Morning Post.”

Paul Crespo is the president of the Center for American Defense Studies. He’s quoted as saying, “‘While China has tested hypersonic missiles launched from balloons in the past, that isn’t a likely use for these airships. The biggest threat is sending one or more of these high altitude balloons over the U.S. with a small nuclear EMP (electromagnetic pulse) device.’

“Detonated at extremely high altitude, they could knock out power and communications across the United States, wreaking widespread havoc for a year or more without firing a shot on the ground.”

With the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) becoming bolder in both their words and actions, with the increased technological capabilities and desire to rule the world as the number one super-power, Americans should feel a renewed and increased sense of awareness, need for preparation, and a compelling to urge Congress to act in a manner that puts America’s safety, strength, and sensibilities back on track as a first priority.

We’ve too long played with China, buying their cheap toys and have kept a willful ignorance that the CCP can be dealt with in a friendly manner, bringing them into compliance with Western standards. They’ve proven time and again that the dragon desires to burn the feathers off from the eagle, making her plummet to the ground in a dead heap. Yes, we must wake up, wipe the sleep from our eyes, and recognize the CCP for who they are. At the same time, we must recognize that there is a vast difference between the CCP and China’s ordinary citizenry, even as there is a vast difference between the Biden’s rogue administration and the average Constitution abiding, freedom loving public who long for the days of security and sensibility.


And yet in the midst of all this, the Christian should hold fast to his faith and trust in His God. We do all we can to warn, prepare, grow in Christ, and encourage others to find salvation in the only place possible – Jesus Christ. We put our hope and faith in Him and nothing else. As a recent Decency Minute from Bill Johnson reminds us (Titled: Chinese Bombs Bursting in Air?):

With Chinese balloons flying over American soil and news that China was testing bomb carrying balloons in 2018, it gives renewed meaning to “bombs bursting in air.” It also brings understandable concern to U.S. citizenry — Christian and non-Christian alike.

Whether the very real threat of an electromagnetic pulse that would leave many, if not all, Americans without electricity or technology, or bombs that would reach the ground doing untold damage, one thing is certain – God is STILL in control.

 During these perilous times, in which we live, we must cling to the beautiful promise of Isaiah 43:2 each day. Whatever lies ahead, God IS with us!

 “When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.” – Trust in the Lord!

Don’t miss this vitally important webinar by Frank Gaffney’s group Present Danger China. Here one has the distinct opportunity to get briefings from those in the know. They understand the real dangers and look at things with a well-balanced approach. They have weekly briefings and this one on the Chinese balloons is as exceptional as the rest.

From its introduction:

This episode offers two notable insights:

 First, while Americans have been transfixed by the spectacle of this brazen act of Chinese espionage, and heartened by its violent termination at the hands of an F-22 pilot, there is little public awareness of the magnitude of the rest of China’s leave-no-stone-unturned spying on this country. …

 Second, the Biden administration reportedly concealed from the American people the balloon’s penetration of U.S. sovereign airspace in the interest of having Secretary of State Tony Blinken travel to Beijing for meetings meant to promote the idea that the Chinese Communists are partners, not a threat. That trip was a terrible idea even before the CCP perpetrated this affront; it became a non-starter under these circumstances. …

 This CPDC webinar examines these and other topics prompted by the spy balloon travesty.

Tune in to gather information these and other experts: Frank Gaffney; Lieutenant General William “Jerry” Boykin, U.S. Army (Ret.); Colonel Robert Maness, U.S. Air Force (Ret.); Trevor Louden; Colonel John Mills, U.S. Army (Ret.)


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