ALA hates USA and our children

By: Steve Huston

America’s founding was a political miracle. From its battles for independence to its Constitutional formulation, God’s fingerprints are all over our founding and our history. Daniel Webster pointed to God’s Hand of Providence as he exhorted, “Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster and what has happened once in 6,000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world.

Yes, God shed His grace on us; the miracles which were clustered would culminate in God’s granting to this nation self-governance, liberty, and various freedoms spelled out in – but not limited to – the Bill of Rights. The Constitution’s Preamble outlines what American citizens can expect from their government and for themselves. This IS the USA.

When schools were formed, students were originally taught to view history and all subjects through the Hand of Providence. Later, humanists would gain control of the schools teaching that money was the key mover and shaker of history. Eventually, socialism/communism would get a foothold in the educational and political systems, even though we would fight wars in the name of freedom and democracy.

Americans should have heeded the warnings of Alexis de Tocqueville regarding socialism. He had great admiration for American democracy (republicanism), but warned that it leads to political apathy which, in turn, leads to tyranny. As socialism is heralded throughout our institutions, we must take Tocqueville’s words to heart. “Democracy extends the sphere of individual freedom, socialism restricts it. Democracy attaches all possible value to each man; socialism makes each man a mere agent, a mere number. Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word: equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.” Add to this the unfathomable number of deaths attributed to socialism/communism, the ways that it leads a country from prosperity to poverty, and one recognizes that sanity dictates to flee from this evil that is being perpetuated in the minds of our children and upon our nation. As one can see, socialism is not compatible with the USA’s Constitution and will be a bane to our children.

“Nice history lesson, Steve, but what’s that have to do with the American Library Association (ALA) hating the USA?”  My answer: Regardless the Marxist teachings in our school today, 2+2 (still)=4.

The ALA has elected Emily Drabinski, a self-described “Marxist lesbian,” for their president. Originally, she was scheduled to speak at the Socialism 2023 conference in September, a meeting of 70+ socialist organizations whose agenda should put the fear of God into every parent and liberty-loving American – or even any American who will look down the road in which we are being channeled.

Even though, according to American Greatness, “her session was quietly canceled after conservative media publicized her Marxist leanings earlier this year,” she gave comment at one of the sessions that classroom libraries and public libraries need to be on the agenda of socialist organizing.”

The Washington Times quotes from a memo by Drabinski, in part, as saying her “’queerness includes the subversion of those kind of normal family types’ by criticizing the ‘Christo-fascist right,’ defending drag queen story hours and reimagining libraries as a ‘space based on an ideology that centered notions of queerness and difference rather than democracy and citizenship.'” Also in that Times article: “In a 2019 article, she said libraries could respond to the election of President Trump by creating ‘research guides that help people understand how to resist authoritarian regimes.’

Her comments, writings, and actions fall in line with the agenda of the Socialism 2023 conference which included advocating for abolishing the family, replacing mothers and fathers with collective parenting, forming a mass movement to protect children’s “right” to engage in prostitution, and other disturbing topics/agendas.

Many local libraries have fallen in line with ALA agendas: anti-American propaganda (oft times more in how things are presented than the general what of things presented) – one example being The Muslim Journey; the normalization of LGBTQ+ ideologies and non-traditional families; denigrating America’s history, her founders, and the Christian, Biblical principles upon which she was founded; and sexualizing children/teens by providing many pornographic books with explicit “adult content” in areas designated for younger patrons – books which shouldn’t even be provided for adults using taxpayer funds. Such materials only serve to entice and excite the senses of all ages, while grooming younger patrons to both be abused and perpetuate abuse on others.

The ALA isn’t even able to hide behind their self-proclaimed altruism of Drabinski’s “principle of librarianship” that “every reader has a right to decide for themselves what they read. And that includes children.” When many libraries freely support the perverting of children’s minds through drag queen story hour but refuse to allow Kirk Cameron and Brave Books the same courtesy to promote books that “honor God by shaping a future generation of Americans, who will fight for a nation defined by freedom, truth, humility, bravery, and compassion,” we see that such a “principle of librarianship” is simply a disingenuous farce. Not only did many libraries refuse Cameron’s and Brave Books’ “See You at the Library” event, but according to American Greatness, “The ALA also allegedly offered pointers on how to thwart” it.

The Montana State Library Association, abiding by its state constitution which “forbids association with an organization led by a Marxist,” has voted to break off from the ALA. It’s my earnest prayer that other states will follow suit in an effort to protect their children and our nation’s welfare. Gratefully, Republican lawmakers across the nation are also calling for the ALA to be defunded; let’s pray that their numbers grow as well. As three state senators wrote, “The ALA should not be eligible to receive federal funding should an investigation find that the ALA violated the First Amendment rights of Americans.

What actions can we take? 

1. Contact your elected officials asking them to get on board with other states in defunding the ALA.

2. Ben Johnson, writing for The Washington Stand, quotes Meg Kilgannon, senior fellow for Education Studies at Family Research Council, in his recent article, stating: “The best thing parents whose children attend public school can do is to ‘get your kids out and put yourself in. You can wish the public school system away, but it’s here and it’s not going anywhere; in fact, budgets are going up and mental health care is about to be delivered in public schools nationwide.’ And closing, ‘Get involved. The hour is late. But our children and our country are worth it.’”

3. As a family or community, make good books that promote love of God, country, and others available in a safe setting. Some suggestions I can attest to are:

For younger children: the Brave Books collections and for those a little older – children’s authors like Basil Miller, Ken Anderson, and Bernard Palmer (these are older books found on ebay and other similar sites)

For teens: Several of the above authors have teen-age appropriate books, as well as authors like Isabella Alden (Pansy) for girls, R.M. Ballantyne and G.A. Henty for boys, and Douglas Bond (a contemporary author) books can be easily obtained at Reformation Heritage Books. My family’s favorites are the Crown and Covenant series and the Mr. Pipes series.

Lamplighter books carry great books for all ages. They also carry a wide variety of audio dramas suitable for all ages.

In closing, I would encourage you to read Ben Johnson’s article from The Washington Stand to better understand the width and breadth of the Socialism 2023 conference. I would also encourage you to check out Kevin Sorbo’s new children’s book from Brave Books titled The Test of Lionhood, meant to “combat the emasculation of men: ‘We need men to start being men.’”

There are many other authors, both contemporary and from the past, that offer good morals, ethics, promotion of God, country, and love. Be bold in sharing them with others; encourage people to get off their screens and into the pages of a good book.


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