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By: Steve Huston

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All the troubles in this world (yesteryear – today – all the tomorrows to come) can be attributed to sin. All the answers to our trials and tribulations can be found in the Scripture of our Creator God – The Holy Bible. If we would know the difference between the holy and the profane, we must know the Word of God.

While reading the scripts from this week’s Decency Minutes or listening (by clicking on its title) to American Decency’s founder and president, Bill Johnson, narrate them, I would urge you to contemplate them or any situation you may be facing with the truth of this quote from puritan George Swinnock:

The Scripture is the rule of all truth. Other books are true no further than they are agreeable and commensurable to this. All other sayings and writings are to be tried by this touchstone. It is not what the sense saith, or what reason saith, or what fathers say, or what general councils say, or what traditions say, or what customs say, but what Scripture saith – that is to be the rule of faith and life. Whatsoever is contrary to Scripture, or beside Scripture, or not rationally deducible from Scripture is to be rejected as spurious and adulterate: ‘To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light [no truth] in them’ (Isa. 8:20).

The Moral Rot in Our Institutions

We are living in a post-Christian culture that has rejected Judeo-Christian morality. As truth is abandoned, we see the result as thousands of angry leftists protest in support of Hamas and against Israel.

Many of these protestors will be the future lawyers, politicians, and educators of America. The venom they spew is the fruit of the poisonous propaganda they’ve been fed.  They rant about “justice” while justifying mass murder.  They claim words are “violence,” but condone actual violence. The moral rot coming from our colleges is directly caused by the Marxist march through the institutions that has been occurring under our noses.

We cannot just merely shake our head in disgust.  It’s a battle of worldviews and we need to be engaged – countering their lies with the Truth of Scripture Each of these angry leftists is an Image Bearer in need of Christ.

Last week we posted an article by Lisa Van Houten on this topic. Click here to read it.


Your Concerns are Legitimate

When asked, How concerned are you that the conflict between Israel and Hamas may lead to terrorist attacks in the U.S.?, seventy-seven percent of Americans responded very, or somewhat, concerned.

These concerns are legitimate. Over 700 individuals on the terrorist watchlist have been caught trying to enter the United States over the past year – 172 of them were caught crossing our porous southern border.

However, not every idealogue with evil intentions is on the watchlist, and tens of thousands of middle-eastern people have used the practical welcome sign on the southern border to enter the country illegitimately.

Surveillance footage reveals another 2 million or so who sneaked across the border, rather than turning themselves over to CBP. Of course, no one knows who they are or what their intentions might be.

Americans are right to worry about the safety of their communities in these conditions. We are also right to wonder, why aren’t our leaders concerned?


Christians Must Not be Bullied Into Accepting This

The term homophobia and the push to accept so called “gay Christianity” within the church is a demonic, Marxist attempt to dismantle and reconfigure society as we know it. It’s meant to shift our moral thinking, alter our ethical values, and reconstruct America’s various institutions – from the child up.

Christians must not be intimidated by the bullying from those within and without the church regarding this issue. Instead, faithful Christians must hold firmly to the truth of Scripture and speak that truth in love.

Why is this issue so important? Shouldn’t love for others include creating an inclusive place for the LGBT community? Simply put, the church isn’t meant to lift up the creature; it primarily exists for God, honoring and worshiping Him, our Creator. What if our focus on making people feel more comfortable in their sin is an offense to He who established the church?


In closing out this week’s “3 in 3,” I point you to another quote from George Swinnock that points to the amazing, transforming power of Jesus – the Word incarnate! I urge you to walk in the Word of Scripture, trusting in the Word incarnate, resting in Him.

Glorious things are spoken of thee, O thou word of God. Many books have done virtuously, have acted famously for the overthrow of sin and Satan, for the advancement of Christ and holiness, but thou hast excelled them all. Thou hast changed lions into lambs, ravens into doves, beasts into men, and men into angels. Thou has subdued headstrong passions, mortified natural and riveted corruptions, tore up old and sturdy lusts by the roots, conquered principalities and powers, led captivity captive, and turned the world upside down.


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