You and I need to do something to get this documentary out!

By: Bill Johnson

Last evening we showed Matt Walsh’s powerful documentary, “What is a Woman?” for the second time.

One lady who attended stated:  “I just want to thank you for showing this movie.  It was so powerful in my life.  I wanted my daughter to come and I wished she would have.  This movie is so needed.   I regret that I didn’t get others to attend with me.”

A young couple said:  “We have wanted to see this movie.  We are so thankful that we saw that you were showing it.   Please keep doing what you are doing.”

We showed the movie a couple of months ago to an afternoon audience.  The consensus, on both occasions:  we need to be able to find ways to get this movie out there.

Here’s what our staff has to say about it:

“What is a Woman” is a powerful movie showing the absurdity of the LGBTQ agenda and the permanent damage it is doing to kids growing up in this culture. Every time we show it, the audience is visibly shocked at how this way of thinking has taken our institutions by storm, leaving human wreckage in its wake. There’s no one who could have done this documentary better than Matt Walsh, whose straight face and bold, honest questions allow the “experts” to disqualify themselves with the ridiculousness of their answers.  ~  Chris Johnson

For a clear example of Romans 1:18-22 taking place in America today, look no further than Matt Walsh’s documentary, “What is a Woman?”  We have shown the film at our headquarters twice now, and each time our audience has commended the messaging of the film while also lamenting the deception that is capturing an entire generation.  Matt Walsh does a masterful job of exposing the so-called “wise” of our age – physicians, therapists, and scholars – who demonstrate that when they deny the Truth which God has made clear to all, they become senseless fools.  And it’s not just the elite who have bought into the transgender lie; “What is a Woman?” reveals that countless everyday Americans have become futile in their thinking. 

 In our brief discussion following the showing of the film, those in our audience expressed great concern for the young people who are buying into the lies our culture is telling them.  What is abundantly clear is the great need for Christians to not shirk back in fear or complacency, but boldly stand for the truth that this world desperately needs to hear.  How bright is just one little light in the darkest night.   ~  Lisa VanHouten

I am shocked that in today’s world with so much information that people cannot answer the basic question – What is a woman?  We have shown Matt Walsh’s documentary “What Is A Woman?” a couple of times in our office and each time people are shocked by the information. 

 As I sat there I thought this is not a difficult question.  It is a basic question that you learn at a very early age.  But now people have a difficult time answering it.  Why?  People have bought into all this indoctrination that they cannot even realize that they have forgotten the basics.  The concerning thing is that our public schools are teaching this indoctrination and some of the teachers are encouraging it, even in small towns, and that is shocking to so many people.  ~ Kimberly Cargill

So many still have not seen this movie and many still have no awareness of it.  It is not yet available on DVD, and it is not clear if it will be. The only way to see it for yourself is with a subscription to Daily Wire, the media organization which hosts familiar names like Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, and Jordan Peterson. We encourage you to go to to sign up and see it for yourself.


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