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If you’ve ever used health insurance, and most of us have, you’ve experienced the quagmire, the hoops to jump through, the paper work, the oodles of different bills, etc.

As thankful as we are for modern medicine and good doctors, the insurance model of paying those doctors has massive drawbacks, not the least of which is that it drives costs up and quality of experience down, as doctors cannot spend as much time per patients as they once might have.

What if there was an alternative to the health “insurance” model, think of it as health assurance – assurance that your doctor will be available and have time to address all of your concerns, assurance that they’re working for your best interest and not the interest of the company paying their bills, assurance that your mental and spiritual wellbeing is being ministered to as well.

ADA recently hosted the president and CEO of a non-profit organization that meets those criteria, the Christian Healthcare Center (CHC). CHC charges an affordable yearly membership fee, and provides access to a primary care physician, whenever they are needed.

Founder and CEO Mark Blocher has a dream to turn the medical world on its head, reorienting it towards the good of the patients, instead of the insurance companies.

You can hear about Mark’s radical vision and the ministry he founded to make it happen at on our video page  at You will also hear from Ted VanderKooi, a surgeon who works with CHC to lower the cost of necessary surgeries. You can order a DVD of the event by contacting us at

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