Dr. Christina Parks on C-19 Vaccines

Tammy Clark on Mask Mandates

Stand Firm Conference, Questions and Answers

Pastor Vern Picknally: So Then, Stand Firm

Bill Johnson: Stand Firm Against Deception

Jim Simpson: The Red Green Axis

Israel Wayne: Raising Godly Children

Kamal Saleem Interviews Shawn Lahring

Rafael Cruz: The Evangelical Response to Our Times

Kamal Saleem: Ministering to Muslims, Immunizing Against Islam

A Better, Christian Alternative to Insurance

Kevin Freeman - Why Economic Warfare Puts You at Risk

William Federer - How'd We Get Here?

What Future Will Michigan Choose?

Phil Haney - The Great Purge of Counter Terror Experts

Steve Coughlin - Fake News or AgitProp?

Dick Manasseri - Sharia Crime Stoppers

Pastor Ron Workman - Why Do the Nations Rage?

Dr. Terry Slachter - The Lord Sits on His Holy Hill

Mary Beeke - The Reformation of the Family

Dr. Joel Beeke - The Sovereignty of God in Psalm 2

Dr.Joel Beeke - Needed: Genuine Prayer and Repentance

Sandy Rios - The War is Real
and the War is Now

Frank Gaffney - The War is Real
and the War is Now

Trevor Loudon: Enemies Within

Steve Huston - The Assault on Holiness

Anthony Moore - Floating Possibilities

Stephen Coughlin - The Threat of CVE

Janet Porter - Overcoming the Criminalization of Christianity

Biblical Counselor Ken Smith - What It Means to Be Free From Pornography

William Wagner on Homosexual
Marriage and the US Constitution

Women At Risk (WAR) Presents on Prostitution and Human Trafficking

Author and Pastor Terry Slachter Speaks About the Power of Prayer for a Nation

Bill Johnson Interviews Internet Security Specialist Steve Ensley

Kamal Saleem Speaks at ADA's 2014 Summer Conference

Mat Staver Speaks at ADA's 2014 Summer Conference

Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema Speaks at ADA

Motivational Speaker Pam Stenzel speaks at ADA

World War 2 hero Diet Eman speaks at American Decency in Fremont, MI

Attorney Jeff Johnson Explains the Supreme Court's Ruling on Gay Marriage

Gary Bauer: Hope for the Future

Curtis Bowers at ADA's 2012 Conference

Kamal Saleem and Diet Eman in Holland

Diet Eman in Holland

Kamal Saleem in Grand Rapids

Frank Gaffney's Presentation on Political Islam

Professor William Wagner's Presentation on Shariah and the American Constitution

Frank Gaffney Q&A Session

William Wagner Q&A Session

Frank Gaffney discusses Grover Norquist's connections to the Muslim Brotherhood

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