Calling out for your help.

By: American Decency Staff

If our ministry has MINISTERED into your life in this last year, we are calling out to you to let us know by making a year-end gift to us today (or before December 31).  Your gift likely will be doubled by a match challenge recently extended to us to assist us in finishing the year with greater strength.

Please consider this important match challenge request.

This challenge and offer is written by an anonymous donor:

After much prayer and evaluation we have decided to offer a match up to $10,000 for all new givers (someone who hasn’t given since 12/31/13) who give in response to a matching appeal between now and 12/31/15. 

Please prayerfully consider and stand with us as generously as God leads.  Thanks, friend in Christ!

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One thing I would like you to know about us:  As God supplies and enables, we are not half-hearted in the fight that He has called us to.  

How has that purpose unfolded in day-to-day ministry?  Below are just some of the on-going ministry efforts, the special projects, and activism we’ve been engaged in within 2015.

*  2015 will go down in history as the year in which 5 unrestrained justices defied God’s law, the vote of the people, and the U.S. Constitution and forced the legalization of homosexual marriage upon our nation. Leading up to and following this wrongheaded decision, American Decency has been a strong voice in defense of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.  We have used our daily radio program, newsletters, email alerts, and bulletin insert to educate and encourage Christians to stand firm in support of the definition of marriage ordained at creation.  In addition, we have had numerous opportunities to offer a biblical view of marriage to those in the world who may never have heard it.  As one example, I was asked to take part in a press conference, along with other pro-family leaders, on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court the day before this case was heard, offering a defense for biblical truth. 

*  We have urged corporations such as Hallmark, Target, Frito-Lay, PepsiCo, Wells Fargo, Apple, and Wal-Mart to reverse their promotion of the homosexual agenda and opposed corporations such as Dodge-Chrysler, Carl’s Jr., and Victoria’s Secret for their erotic advertising ploys.

*  Leading up to the release of the pornographic movie “Fifty Shades of Grey,” American Decency aggressively spoke out in opposition to this degrading movie and the hype sweeping the nation.  In our area, we urged the local theater not to show the film and encouraged others to also express their concern.  Desiring that the church would join us in being salt and light, we contacted nearly all of the pastors/churches in our area providing information and a petition to encourage their activism and used our nationwide mailing and email lists to encourage others to take similar actions in their local areas. 

*  With the threat of Islamic terrorists gaining entrance to our nation posing as Syrian refugees, ADA has sought to offer a reasoned, Christian response – balancing our responsibility as individual Christians to human suffering with the duty that government officials have to protect our nation’s citizenry. 

*  ADA has worked to build up God’s people, exhorting and promoting spiritual truths regarding biblical manhood and womanhood; marriage; Christian parenting and grand-parenting; the pursuit of holiness; pleasing God in our worship, finance, and lifestyles; guarding the hearts and minds of ourselves as well as our families from what we place before our eyes; being salt and light.

*  We again have held numerous conferences and events throughout the year featuring speakers on a wide variety of topics.  Each event gave great opportunity to inform and exhort those in attendance.  Just a few of the events we hosted this year include:  A weekend marriage conference, Bringing Christ Home:  Family and the Supremacy of Christ; our annual summer conference, Light Wins; and a weekend conference, Rising Tide:  Persecution in America.  You can view these and other events on our website.

Also, check out examples of our radio commentary, Decency Minute, heard daily on American Family Radio, a national network of over 200 stations.  

Will you help us finish the year supplied and enabled for the fight that lies ahead?  We seek your help and affirmation.  Please prayerfully consider and stand with us as generously as God leads.  Thanks, friend in Christ!

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