The American Decency Association is a non-profit organization associated in Fremont, Michigan. Their principle cause is against pornography and offensive media.


Remembering R.C. Sproul

What we can learn from Washington’s death

Uncovering Covered “Justice”

To Whom Shall We Go?

Snyder backing amnesty for 3 million illegals

The Future of Jack Phillips is the Future of All of Us

#Love Wins…Really?

Liberty on Trial December 5 – Prayer Needed

Is it just coincidence?

America, Sacking the NFL

Are You Giving Today?

Do we need a Justice League or will ONE Man do?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Seeking Justice in an Unjust World

The World is All Abuzz…

Alphabet Soup ain’t what it used to be!

Immigration—Christian Compassion or Careless Conversion?

What Did We Bring to the World?

ANTIFA ALERT! Keep Your Eyes Open November 4, 2017

How many Christians are feeding at Hollywood’s trough?

The Radioactive Swamp

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