Erasing Women and Suppressing the Truth

By: Lisa Van Houten

With millions of brackets busted, 68 teams in the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament are down to the final four.  But what has garnered unprecedented attention has nothing to do with men’s basketball, but rather women’s.  After years of little attention or acclaim, NCAA women’s basketball is capturing the attention of millions of Americans, thanks in part to a once-in-a-generation talent like Caitlin Clark of Iowa.  This past Monday’s matchup in the Elite 8 between the Iowa Hawkeyes and LSU shattered ratings, making it the most watched female college basketball game ever as more than 12 million people tuned in.  (ESPN reported that the audience peaked at 16.1 million viewers.)

However, the hard-fought battle for respect which female athletes have worked for will all be for naught if the Left prevails in allowing men who identify as “transgender” to take over women’s places and spaces.  Men who demand that society bow to their delusion and treat them as women have stolen hundreds of titles from female athletes.  The women’s sports advocacy group “calculates that beyond titles, men have taken nearly 900 awards, scholarships, or other honors from female athletes across 428 competitions in 29 sports.” These include “297 stolen first place titles, 263 second place titles, and 250 third place titles.”

It’s a fact of nature than no surgery or hormone therapy can erase: men and women are biologically different.  Males have more muscle mass, larger hearts and lungs, and greater bone density than females.  Allowing males who “identify” as female to compete in girls’ sports give the males a distinct competitive advantage.

For example, retired American female sprinter Allyson Felix is the most decorated female Olympian in track and field. Her best time for the 400-meter run was 49.26 seconds. According to U. S. data from 2018, nearly 300 high school boys could beat her record.

In addition to the loss of titles and scholarships, female athletes are increasingly injured as they compete against biological men.  A biological six-foot tall male with facial hair playing for the KIPP Academy girls’ basketball team injured multiple players and eventually forced the opposing team, Collegiate Charter School of Lowell in Massachusetts, to forfeit.  In a video that went viral, he is seen wresting the ball away from a girl, causing her to hit the ground grasping her back in what appears to be agonizing pain.  After three girls were injured, the remaining Collegiate Charter players expressed concern about continuing to play, fearing that they, too, would be injured and thus not able to compete in the playoffs. The Collegiate coach forfeited in concern for the safety of his other players.

Just a couple of recent examples of girls injured by males allowed to compete on girls’ teams include a female volleyball player who suffered a neck injury and concussion after a male “transgender” player spiked a ball at her head, rendering her unconscious, and a female field hockey player who had several teeth knocked out by a “transgender” male player.

This same male player from the KIPP Academy girls’ basketball team mentioned above, is also on the female rowing and volleyball teams, as well as the hurdles, shot put, and tae kwon do teams.  The Daily Mail reports that he has been suspended from the rowing team for allegedly leering at girls’ breasts in the locker rooms.  So not only are girls at risk on the court or field, but also in the girls’ locker room.  

As totalitarian leftists continue to deny reality and the created order, attempting to force all of us to affirm their delusion, they become incensed as more and more people refuse to buy into the fantasy of transgender ideology. Thankfully, twenty-five states have taken steps to protect female athletes, banning boys from participating in girls’ sports.  However, last week in a House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) insisted that “men do not compete in women’s sports!”  He makes that obviously false claim because in the Left’s clown world they insist that those men pretending to be women are “actually” women.  When Rep. Harriet Hageman (R-Wyo.) sought to enter into the congressional record a listing of the number of times that biological boys had stolen girls’ titles and opportunities in the last several years, Nadler tried to have the information stricken from the record, claiming the facts are “mistruths.”

Yet, increasingly the truth of the harm caused by transgender ideology is coming to light.  European countries are much quicker to recognize that than here in the United States.  As just two examples, France and Great Britain are seeking to ban the use of transgender surgeries and hormones for minors, with the esteemed newspaper, The Times of London, calling it “quack medicine” and a French report stating it may be “the greatest medical scandal” in history.   Meanwhile, here in the U.S., doctors continue to promote the quack medicine that causes lifelong trauma and harmful consequences to those caught up in the transgender social contagion.  And states such as Maine continue to seek to codify the “right” for children to have access to mutilating procedures.  A bill likely to pass would make Maine a “sanctuary state” for minors to come to for transgender procedures.  As the Blaze reports on this “radical piece of legislation that would codify the right to sex-change mutilations and abortion in Maine, shield sex-change surgeons from consequence, and bar authorities from notifying parents of the locations of their kidnapped children if those kids are said to be seeking “gender-affirming care” in the state.”

Take a look at this picture.  As theologian Robert Gagnon states: “If you can’t figure out what is wrong with this on so many levels (including sharing locker room access with females), you clearly are suppressing the truth that God has made accessible to you.”  

As countless girls are injured on the playing field and thousands of young girls’ and boys’ bodies are permanently mutilated and castrated as they seek to find “identity,” where are the adults who will not be bullied into silence?  We need fathers to take a stand, instead of just sitting in the stands; we need doctors to honor their oath to do no harm; and we need Christians to point these troubled teens to the only source of identity that will give them peace – Jesus Christ.


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