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Here is the message behind our logo.  We hope that when you receive our ministry materials and see the logo it will serve as an encouragement and reminder to you of our shared mission in Christ as it really is in the dark world we find ourselves.

* The symbol of the cross, of course represents the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ that sets us free from the bondages of sin and leads to our victory over the grave.  “Oh grave, where is thy victory.  Oh death where is thy sting?”  The power of the cross, the Gospel.  The Gospel is the power of God to live with hope and boldness for Him.

* The multiple lines crisscrossing horizontally and vertically represent the highways and byways of life – the increasing busyness of our culture.  Our ministry finds itself having a significant message of hope, truth, reconciliation and restoration to a world caught up in helter skelter living that is prone to substituting a lie for the truth.

*  The fish, the icthus – During early Christianity, Christians were often put to death for practicing their faith, so they worshiped in secret places.  A fish painted on the outside door of a house let other Christians know that they would be safe and welcome inside.

*  The fish points upward to the right not to the left.  This world is not our home.  We are strangers in a foreign land.  Increasingly, we recognize we are swimming upwards against the tide – not conformed to this world.

*  The fish, representing believers in Christ, is on the cross.  We are called to join in the sufferings and afflictions of our Lord Jesus Christ.  As we see, in our beloved America the increasing diminishment of faith, how can we not see that true believers will increasingly experience scorn, mocking, belittlement, persecution?  The positioning of the fish on the cross speaks to that which more and more we will face.

*  The lines of white shining through the dark lines symbolizes our light shining in a darkened world.  Let your light shine.  We must not hide it!

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