3 in 3 for 3-29-24

By: Steve Huston

As an assistant manager for a conservation district, I had opportunities and trainings that were quite informative and, from a Christian’s point of view, amazing. On one “field trip” experience, I was given opportunity to literally see how deep different plant roots grew into the ground. One might be amazed at how deep the root system of alfalfa creeps into the cool and moist subterranean depths of the soil in order to draw moisture and sustenance while so much above ground – other than the alfalfa – may be brown and dead from drought.

As one reads our Decency Minute scripts below or listens to Bill Johnson narrate them, one can view the impending drought of justice and truth that pervades America. One can almost hear the prophet Amos shout with brokenness, “Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord.” (Amos 8:11)

Dear Reader, with righteousness in our land being dried up, as though by a blast furnace, from the top down, it’s vital that we, at a grassroots level, by God’s grace, send our roots deep into Christ and His Word. As one contemporary devotional writer states: “If we are to remain alive and grow and be fruitful we are going to have to… dig deep lest we dry up and die. We must ‘dig deep’ in repentance and faith, in consecration and sanctification, in daily devotions and obedience, in constant submission and service if we are to find hidden streams of refreshing from the hand of the Lord.

Simply put, we must dig deep or dry up. If your church isn’t preaching the truth according to the Word of God, find somewhere else to attend faithfully. Be in the Word and, through application, let the Word be in you. Walk obediently regardless the cost and put your hope in Christ. In all that you do or say, do it to the glory of God!

Being Resurrection Sunday this weekend, remember, we serve a risen Saviour who loves, protects, and guides His own.

Put Tyson on the Chopping Block

Many small-town Americans know the devastating economic impact of just one local factory closing.  Such devastation has come to Perry, Iowa, a town of 8,000 people – with nearly 1,300 employed by Tyson Foods. 

Well, they were employed; Tyson recently announced the closing of their plant in Perry, following the closing of other Tyson plants in the heartland.  Yet, while Tyson fires thousands of American workers, the company recently announced it plans to hire an additional 42,000 illegal immigrants.

Biden lets in millions of illegals and U.S. companies get cheap labor, replacing American workers.  The job gains Biden boasts of aren’t going to Americans; rather, the increase is from foreign-born workers.  

Many are calling for a boycott of Tyson Foods for betraying the American workforce.  Tyson also owns: Jimmy Dean, Ball Park, Sara Lee, and other brands.  Use your purchasing power to send a message to Tyson.

 CVS and Walgreens: Dealers of Death

The United States’ biggest pharmacy chains, CVS and Walgreens, are poised to become major abortion providers if the Supreme Court allows the FDA to make new rules allowing abortion drugs to be prescribed and administered with no physician oversight.

More than half of the around a million abortions administered yearly in the US use pills, with the mothers taking the drug only after receiving an ultrasound and checkup to confirm there are no complications. New rules under the FDA would allow the drugs to be prescribed instead with only a Zoom call with any doctor able to call in a prescription to a pharmacy, making the pharmacies we’ve counted on to keep our families healthy, agents of death.

CVS and Walgreens have both announced their intentions to take part in this deadly policy. Pray that the Supreme Court ends this rule and that the pharmacy executives grow a conscience.

Building Up Believers

Christian:  Renew your confidence in God.  His Word is true!  We have no reason to doubt His word or tamper with it – to make it say what makes us more – shall I say – comfortable.  

Example: So-called Gay Christianity makes many arguments – false arguments – outside of God’s Word.

As we honestly look into these controversial topics, how can we not see Biblically the ways that the LGBT movement have contorted and confused Christian thinking. You know it is God’s will that you speak truth always, of course.  That includes speaking truth in arguing against the heresy of “gay Christianity.”   

Very few feel sufficient for the task of bearing witness and speaking boldly, but God promises us that as we abide in Him, He will abide with us and help us speak rightly and lovingly. Building up fellow believers not weakening children of God.

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