TAKE ACTION TONIGHT at Whitehall! – Protect Young Minds!

By: Steve Huston

The following is something we can do. If you can’t help in this community, find out what is happening in your own local schools and libraries regarding this issue. PLEASE, at the end of this email, read the information sent to us from a concerned parent in the Whitehall area.

Babies aborted in the womb; children and teens propagandized into cross-dressing, taking cross-gender hormones, or mutilating their bodies; and, if they manage, by the grace of God, to circumnavigate the dangers above, and a host of others not mentioned, they still are not necessarily safe. As a child (many years ago) I found libraries to be a safe-haven of age-appropriate books that took me to worlds and experiences in my mind that I could only hope to visit or achieve one day. They helped to guide me into right thinking, not groom me for acceptance of adults who wanted to do me harm. Kindly librarians, in my city, would warn about something being, perhaps, above one’s reading level or interest, but by and large libraries were safe havens for a community of readers of all ages and walks of life. That could doubly be said for my school library. I wouldn’t accidentally run across things that would harm my person or psyche.

More and more, our children – their minds and their souls – are being put in danger by what most parents of my generation have considered a “safe-haven.” Language, sexually explicit acts, acts of pedophilia, non-sexual physical abuse, and normalizing of the aforementioned are found in some of the books that YOUR child or grandchild can retrieve and read from the shelves of many of your school and public libraries. There is no warning on the book itself and many teachers or librarians, today, see no problem with such ADULT content being splayed before young eyes, grooming them for all manner of harm to their body, mind, and soul. I know that there are still many good teachers and librarians out there who care for and protect children, but they are unable to keep every child safe from such harmful influences made available for any wandering hand to grab. Let me also point out that much of this “ADULT content” isn’t even fit for adults, moving minds to think of or be enticed by such graphic and perverted acts. I URGE YOU ALL to do whatever you can do.

We need you to take action:

Attend the monthly public library and school board meetings.

Express these “Adult Only” books should not be available to minors without parental consent.

White Lake Community Library Board Meeting (TONIGHT!)

Wednesday, May 24, 2023
5:15—6:15 p.m.
3900 White Lake Drive
Whitehall Michigan 49461

Whitehall District Schools Board Meeting

Monday, June 19, 2023

6:30 p.m. (for Public Comment, you must fill out form and submit by 6:30 p.m. so plan on arriving early – anyone can speak during Public Comment)

Viking Athletic Center-VAC
541 E. Slocum St
Whitehall, MI 49461

Cannot attend these two meetings? Call or email the board members about having only age-appropriate books available to minors in our libraries. Hold our schools and library accountable!

With most of these books, you do not know you are going to be exposed to sexual content until you get to that content. Explicit sexual content can be found in various sections of the libraries such as Young Adult fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, poetry, memoirs, etc. There is not a section of the library for books containing “sexually explicit” content nor is there a content warning or rating system on books. Working together, WE MUST CHANGE THIS!


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