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By: Steve Huston

More than a news story, our nation is entrenched in a culture war that desires to take our children captive. Read through to the end to see what you can do on your local level.

The state of Arkansas joins Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Alabama in banning biological males from girls’ bathrooms, with similar bills hoping to be signed by the governors of Iowa and Idaho.

The New American (magazine) reports, “On March 21, Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed a bill into law mandating that individuals at public and charter schools in the state use the bathroom or locker room of their biological sex. For purposes of enforcing the new statute, a person’s sex is to be determined by referring to the person’s ‘original birth certificate, issued at or near the time’ of birth.

Those who oppose biological truth consider it to be hateful and an expression of “transphobia,” while those who support the protection of children—quoting New American magazine— “recognize that the desire by a minute segment of the population to protect their psychological abnormalities cannot be allowed to take precedence over ‘genetics and physiology.’”

The governor’s spokeswoman stated, “The Governor has said she will sign laws that focus on protecting and educating our kids, not indoctrinating them and believes our schools are no place for the radical left’s woke agenda. Arkansas isn’t going to rewrite the rules of biology just to please a handful of far-left advocates.

It’s hard for me to even imagine that such laws would need to be made. Countless times I’ve heard the same from others, but due to the Left’s push for normalization of what less than a decade ago would be considered mental illness – through the indoctrination of public education, drag queen story hours, entertainment, and political motivations – transgender ideology is becoming commonplace, replacing Biblical, commonsense truth that we are created as either male or female, boys or girls.

Even in my little town of Fremont, Michigan, the schools are facing such embattlement. When the community found out that boys were allowed into the girls’ bathroom and vice versa, parents filled the boardroom and the outside hallway to speak their minds regarding the protection of their children. None, that I heard, spoke against the transgendered persons. They spoke for the privacy and safety of their children; they spoke to the lunacy of one person’s rights outweighing the rights of the many; and many wondered why, when these confused children were offered a personal, unisex bathroom but didn’t want to use it, their child had to either use that personal, unisex bathroom or take the chance of their privacy being invaded by one who is the opposite sex.

Being a mostly religious community, many spoke out against the school’s allowing such things to transpire; a few spoke in support of it. There are those within the school system who say they haven’t a choice; it’s the law. I even heard one principal from another district make that statement while I was standing in the hallway, hoping to get inside the meeting room. Readers, THAT IS NOT TRUE!

 Public education superintendents, principals, and board members are being told that they must submit to these forces of transgender ideology, but they do not.

Yes, their school can be sued if they do not comply. BUT the school can also be sued if one of these children are abused in one of these compromised bathrooms or locker rooms. The schools must decide whether their policy regarding bathrooms and locker rooms will remain boy-boy, girl-girl, or transgender compliant. The school needs to decide where it wants to stand, thereby deciding where it wants to take its chances. These decisions should be made with the help of the community’s parents.

On the front page of a brief put out by the Great Lakes Justice Center entitled PUBLIC SCHOOL “TRANSGENDER” POLICIES (more on this below) it states in part:

“School boards should affirm and uphold constitutionally protected rights and freedoms for all students. They should not pass policies granting special protections for some while coercing others to endorse and comply with a social experiment that denies science. Chromosomes are not social constructs. The following analysis illustrates why the proposed “transgender” policies threaten students and parents’ constitutional rights and legal protections:


 “The proposed policies interfere with the fundamental right of a parent to raise and educate their child.  MCL 380.10 states:

‘It is the natural, fundamental right of parents and legal guardians to determine and direct the care, teaching, and education of their children. The public schools of this state serve the needs of the pupils by cooperating with the pupil’s parents and legal guardians to develop the pupil’s intellectual capabilities and vocational skills in a safe and positive environment.’

 “Public schools are required to cooperate with parents, not undermine parents, or refuse to notify and include a parent on personal issues involving their child.”

This 15-page brief should be in in the hand of every school board member, principal, superintendent, and parent! It’s easy to read and full of important information. We need not be deceived into thinking that we have no rights or no say in these matters. The brief I just quoted from is the updated March 22, 2022 version of the September 26, 2017 version found online here.

Within the next few days, we will be releasing an interview between American Decency’s founder and president Bill Johnson and Great Lakes Justice Center’s David Kallman on this very matter. Check our website frequently; you won’t want to miss this! (This interview should also be sent to every school board member, principal, superintendent, and parent!)

The battles in Michigan, and throughout the United States, are many. We all have a part to play in those battles. For the Christian, our major role is to fight that battle on our knees, interceding before the God of heaven. That, however, doesn’t relinquish us from the responsibility we have to stand, speak truth, and love our neighbor as ourselves.

Like David of old, we have no other viable option than to cry out, “Lord, help us!”


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