Schools and boys in girl’s bathrooms …

By: Bill Johnson

Folks, young and old, filled the administration building in Fremont, Michigan earlier this week.  They filled the hallways and the streets along the way.  They were there en masse to make sure they expressed their outrage at the notion that the Fremont School Board could set policy that opened the option for boys fashioned to be girls to use the girls’ bathrooms.

In speaking in recent days to two school officials, I heard this worry expressed: they may face a suit from the transgender side. That clearly has a hold upon them.  There is no doubt that they have been indoctrinated by attorneys telling them there is no way around it.

But, what about each and every child who needs to be protected?  What about those who may be exposed to a man posing as a woman or even possibly being sexually abused?  They, too, have the power to sue.  Why aren’t they concerned about those children, those innocent lives and their families?

This video makes it clear that there is another way! This video was done earlier in the week between me, Bill Johnson, and Dave Kallman of the Kallman Legal Group, Lansing, MI.

What will it be?  Guard the innocence of the many (using the recommendations and protections offered in this video) or be more fearful about being sued while untold numbers are wantonly being degraded, confused, and abused?

Parents and grandparents get it!  They intuitively know – there is too much at stake to let our school system(s) fall into chaos over sexual confusion as our educators open the door wide to increasing numbers of kids confused over their sexual identity leading to more boys getting castrated and more girls using puberty blockers; chopping off their breasts only to realize in a few short years that they have done irreparable damage to their bodies and lives.

And, make no mistake, it will be – in part – credited to the fact that the local public school didn’t have the courage to put a stop to this travesty right away.  Instead they buckled to fear of a suit when there was an option requiring the moral courage to do what is so obviously the right and honorable way.

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