Chinese company coming to Big Rapids pending legislative decision

By: Bill Johnson

Huge concern:  The owner and founder of Gotion Holdings is a member of the Chinese Communist Party. His son, President of Gotion High-Tech, is tied to the WEF and of the CPPCC

A hearty thank you for the vital work of the Newaygo County Grassroots, who passed this information onto us.  See below and do all you can – action needed today.  Prayer is needed!


The next step for the Chinese Communist party Gotion battery plant is for the big buck$ to go before the Senate Appropriations Committee this TOMORROW – Wednesday, March 22nd at 2pm. I’ve been told it is not up for vote, only discussion, but we know how the Legislature has been run these past couple of months, so I wouldn’t put it past them to ram it right through. Whitmer and her friends at the World Economic Forum are itching to get this signed.

Here’s what you can do. Click on the link (BELOW) and contact, either by email or phone or BOTH, ALL of the Democrat senators on this committee.

Republicans already hear us, but they are outnumbered on this (and all) committees. Democrats need to hear about the hazards and risks to the environment that this plant poses. Please be polite and respectful, but very clear about the fact that you DO NOT support this plant going in here or ANYWHERE in Michigan.

Talking points could be:
*  We do not want a hostile nation buying up our state land with TAXPAYER MONEY.
*  The owner and founder of Gotion Holdings is a member of the Chinese communist party. His son, President of Gotion High-Tech, is a member of the WEF and of the CPPCC (see pictures for details).
*  They will be on this land TAX FREE for 30 years.
*  They want to MOVE WETLANDS and bulldoze over what’s there.
*  They will be building on a watershed, within a mile of the Muskegon River and close to fish hatcheries.
*  They will be shipping in hazardous chemicals over the Great Lakes and then shipping them over to Big Rapids by truck over our roads.
*  They say they will follow EPA and EGLE guidelines. How did that work out for Ohio?
*  The mining process for lithium destroys the earth and they use child slave labor to do it.
*  They want to build this within a few hundred feet of the wells that supply the city of Big Rapids with their water supply.

There are plenty more reasons why this is a very bad idea, and there are more listed on the other Grassroots post about this, but this is just off the top of my head. I will link the other post in the comments.

The other thing you can do is


You have a right and a duty to be at the hearing at 2pm on Wednesday. You can fill out a card to tell the committee which way you want them to vote, and you can even indicate if you would like to speak during the hearing. They may not let you speak, because that’s not been the way they’re running things, but we need to fight every single which way we can.

Mr. James Chapman pretended to listen to our concerns and those of his constituents last Tuesday when we OVERFLOWED the Green Charter Township meeting, then he showed up in Lansing the very next morning to beg the House Appropriations Committee for the millions of dollars in taxpayer money to fund his pet project. Will you let him be your voice in Lansing?

Staying silent is giving consent.  Do you consent?

Appropriations Regularly Scheduled Meetings
Wednesdays, 2:00 PM
Harry T. Gast Appropriations Room
3rd Floor, Capitol Building
100 S. Capitol Avenue, Lansing, MI 48933…


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