3 in 3 for 5-12-23

By: Steve Huston

Mother’s Day graces our calendar this weekend; it’s a time when many think fondly of, and with appreciation for, their mothers. It’s also a reminder of the daily truth that we must consciously choose to teach our children well, raising them in the fear and admonition of the Lord. This week’s three in three highlights three truths that can be found in God’s Word and are three lessons that need to be taught to our children regularly. Take a minute (or three) and listen to Bill Johnson read our Decency Minutes by clicking on the titles. Then take the following truths and teach them prayerfully, age-appropriately, and regularly, to your children. 1. What does God’s Word say about what a man is and his responsibility to those around him? 2. Jesus and the light of His gospel is the only real way to combat darkness – we should all share this truth with others. 3. We are to love God and enjoy Him forever; loving Him with all our heart means to prefer His glory above everything else.

We pray that these “three minutes” will bless you and your children for a lifetime and an eternity.


Conflicting Visions of the Model Man

Jordan Neely, known to frequent riders of the New York City Subway for his Michael Jackson impersonations over the years, had grown more and more erratic as time went on. One day early in May, he began threatening his fellow passengers.

US Marine veteran Daniel Penny, acting in defense of himself and others, restrained the violent Neely in a chokehold. When Neely passed out, he was taken to the hospital where he tragically died.

Protestors and government officials responded by calling for the brave soldier to be charged with murder.

The same week, another military man made the news. Navy Yeoman Joshua Kelley was selected to be the Navy’s digital ambassador. He wasn’t chosen because of his bravery or success, but because he also performs as a drag queen.

These two soldiers present contrasting visions of the ideal military, or even civilian, man. Which will prevail in our society?

 Read an article on this topic from American Decency’s Chris Johnson here.


The Root Causes Go Deeper

Mobs of teens looting stores and attacking bystanders; city streets filled with drugs, human waste, and homelessness; violent offenders released from jail only to repeat their crimes again and again.  This is the picture of Democrat-led cities – where lawlessness goes unpunished and undeterred.

Increasingly, our policies and laws are no longer based on the foundation of biblical morality that Western Civilization was built upon.  And as theologian Albert Mohler stated, “If God’s restraining grace is taken away from a society, the list of horrible things happening just continues.”

The root causes go deeper than radical district attorneys. The problem is in the human heart, and the only solution is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We teach our children to sing, “Hide it under a bushel? No!”  Yet too often we do just that.  Christians, we have the answer – share the good news of the gospel.


Preferring God’s Glory

Puritan Thomas Manton asks a vital question of Christians: Do we prefer the glory of God?

We’re quick to shout, “YES!” But before we do so, Manton gives us a few probing questions:

  1. Are we content with loss, provided God’s name may gain respect in the world; so that he may be magnified no matter what becomes of us and our interests and desires?
  1. Do we pray absolutely for God’s glory with sweet submission to his will in all other things? In other words, we may pray for right things, but are we motivated by our benefit or God’s glory?
  1. What’s the disposition of our hearts when our prayers are answered and God has given us the blessing we prayed for? If we don’t use it for God’s glory, we didn’t ask it for God’s glory.

Oh God, help us to prefer your glory!

This link will take you to volume one, pages 73-74, of Thomas Manton’s works. On those pages you can read his full answer to the question, “Do we prefer the glory of God.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all our readers. I urge you to reach out to all mothers, particularly single mothers, praying for them, speaking into their lives, and offering to help in whatever tangible and appropriate ways possible.


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