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As we consider everything that’s gone on in 2022, we feel the sting of the old adage: time really does fly. It seems like only a month or two ago that we were extending the invitation for “The Most Reluctant Convert,” Max McLean’s thought-provoking movie about the conversion to Christianity of the great C.S. Lewis. But that was our first event of the year, and the first of several movies we were blessed to have the opportunity to show in our auditorium.

In March, we also showed “Sabina,” a feature recounting the life of Sabina Wurmbrand, who endured the decades long imprisonment of her husband, well-known Romanian Christian Richard Wurmbrand, and went on to help him found the Voice of the Martyrs.

Then, in June, we opened our “theater” again for Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules,” which laid out how ballot “mules” were used to dump sometimes hundreds of ballots each into the anonymous drop boxes that were introduced “because of Covid” in the 2020 elections.

We showed two more movies in June. Matt Walsh’s outstanding documentary, “What is a Woman,” reveals the emptiness of the ideology that not only allows, but encourages, the mutilation of healthy men, women, and youth in the pursuit of an imagined true “gender identity.” In the weeks after the leak of the document stating that Roe v. Wade would be overturned, we also showed the biography of the justice perhaps most to thank for that decision, “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas In His Own Words.”

In September, we had another showing of “What is a Woman,” on account of so many at the first showing asking us to so they could bring their friends, and finally, in October, we showed the feel-good Christian film, “God’s Not Dead: We the People,” as some much needed encouragement before the midterm elections. While those were the movies we showed in our auditorium, they hardly scratch the surface of the events we hosted throughout the year.

In February, we featured Pastor Matt Trewhella, who spoke strongly on the church’s traditional and Biblical duty of “interposition” – standing between the government and miscarried justice against their mutual members.

Then in March, we held an informative event about an exciting new ministry in our area, the Christian Healthcare Center, which provides members with quick and easy access to excellent medical care from Christian professionals, based on an affordable subscription model.

May brought the National Day of Prayer, which we hosted as we have the last few years in our auditorium, inviting the community to gather in prayer for our families, churches, and nation. In May we also hosted Right to Life of Michigan’s Thom Powell to present on the implications of Michigan’s Proposal 3.

In June, we shared a recording of a conference from Frank Gaffney’s Commission on the Present Danger: China, which detailed some of the ways that China’s expansion of power threatens American citizens.

Our biggest event of the year took place in July and brought anti-communism expert, author, and filmmaker Trevor Loudon to five West Michigan locations in a four-day tour. Trevor spoke on the church’s need to stand up for truth as our nation walks in destructive lies. He was joined at the podium by area ministers who put an accent on the importance of the church and a true posture of worship for Christians living in an evil nation.

On the eve of the midterm elections, we joined with Newaygo County Right to Life in holding a prayer meeting for the elections, specifically to pray that Michigan’s Proposal 3 to amend the constitution in favor of easy abortion access would fail.

In the midst of these movies and events, ADA continued to report and comment on important and relevant incidents and issues selected for their unique relevance to the Christian conservatives who make up our audience, including the release of the FBI’s report on the death of our dear friend, Phillip Haney. Phil’s friends have a hard time justifying law enforcement’s ruling of his death as a suicide with our own knowledge of Phil’s character.

We spent a lot of our writing and organizational energy this year on the overturning of the wicked Roe v. Wade decision, first on the leak of the decision, then on the actual ruling in the case, and then in opposing the amending of Michigan’s constitution to position the state into allowing atrocities under the guise of “reproductive freedom.”

Our efforts and the efforts of many other worthy organizations and individuals who worked tirelessly to educate Michigan voters on the implications of this measure tragically failed, allowing Michigan’s abortion policy to become one of the most liberal in the country.

We also reported on the “Red Project,” a local organization supported by local government, federal grants, and community organizations to supply drug addicts with “clean” needles and other hygienic drug paraphernalia. Bill spoke directly to project organizers as well as local concerned citizens and law enforcement to determine its impact on the community.

Throughout the years, we’ve shared our conflicts with the Christian Reformed Church’s flagship school Calvin University as it has embraced LGBT ideology and increasingly pushed it on campus. This year, we reported on the CRC denomination’s hardening of its orthodox position on human sexuality, in opposition to the stance embraced by Calvin. Just recently, after consideration, it was announced that currently employed professors with positions opposed to the denomination will be allowed to continue their employment there, regardless of the disagreement.

We’ve continued to speak into the drastic changes, developments, and decay in society in regards to issues such as gender and sexuality, as well as the omnipresent concern of government overreach and the breakdown of respect for the authority of the Constitution.

Finally, we have written extensively on our concern for the past several elections, both for their legitimacy and the evidence of tampering, as well as what they have revealed about the state of our nation and our need for national repentance.

It is our belief that the lesson we are to take from today’s political landscape is that we are truly powerless to save ourselves, and – in spite of our system of government – our only real hope for blessing and prosperity comes from God. We ought to repent for ever thinking otherwise!

As we move into next year, our goal is to continue to point people to Him, even as we inform our readers and event attendees of the issues that will affect their lives in the days and years ahead. We hope to be used to empower God’s people to live for His glory, no matter what the future holds.

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