Sobering talk, yet like a breath of fresh air!!!

By: Bill Johnson

Words from a few attending other “Lesser Magistrate” events with Matthew Trewhella in West Michigan give you a good sense of the opportunity we have tonight at 7 PM, in Fremont, at American Decency (203 E. Main St.).

It will also be live streamed via Facebook Live starting at 7 pm this evening if you can’t be there in person!

“I just attended an event where Matthew Trewhella spoke and I learned that he will speak at ADA.  His presentation is packed with uplifting and challenging information and it was wonderful and educational for me. I am so glad that he will be in Fremont.  I hope you have a great time like I did. Wish you the best.”

“I heard Pastor Matt speak last night at Oak Hill Presbyterian Church. Very sobering talk, yet like a breath of fresh air!!! So thankful you encouraged us to hear him.”

I have attached an image of a page from the book “Magdeburg Confession”.  It gives a brief sense of the important message of this book: the foundation of Pastor Trewhella’s message and of his intense sense of calling.

If this concern touches your heart, mind, and spirit, do what you can to be with us this evening, otherwise catch the live stream on our Facebook page!

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