March for Life!

By: Chris Johnson

Saturday, January 22 marks the 49th year since the genocide of the unborn was legalized in the United States. And, for 49 years, Americans who mourn this wickedness have protested on the streets of D.C. and around the country so that our culture does not forget the average of 2,362 babies who are snuffed out each day.

This year’s March is particularly momentous as it takes place in the looming shadow of the upcoming Supreme Court decision on Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which poses the most serious threat yet to the precedent established in the Roe. V. Wade decision.  Of course, many of us can’t make it to Washington, D.C. to march in front of the Supreme Court Building, but there are still a few things we can do to add our voices to those of our friends in the streets of the Capitol.

One thing we can do is, of course, pray for the event and those attending, that their messaging and interaction with others would be clear, God-glorifying, and not misunderstood. D.C. is also a strict municipality in regards to masking and vaccination, so their will doubtless be plenty of opportunities for frustration as folks from more relaxed locales try to adjust. The streets of D.C. are REALLY cold this time of year, too, especially with biting winds.

Another thing we can do is build up hype around the event on social media. Media coverage of the tens-to-hundreds of thousands of marchers is famously scant, as liberal networks refuse to give attention to a cause they disagree with which has nevertheless gained popularity. So, make sure your friends and followers on whatever platforms you use know that this is something you care about and that you’re standing with the marchers.

Finally, check with your nearest Right-to-Life or pro-life organization and see if there will be a local march. There is one in our home town of Fremont, which is beginning at our offices at 203 E Main St, as we walk to the Veteran’s Memorial Park and back at noon tomorrow. If you’re within driving distance, we would love to see you there!

Of course, we must also be in prayer for the judges on the Supreme Court as they consider the Dobbs case. It is our prayer that God uses that case to overturn the bloody Roe v. Wade decision and make this the last national March for Life our nation needs.

Once more for those of you in our area:

What: Fremont, MI March for Life

Where: American Decency Offices
203 E Main St, Fremont, MI

When: 12:00PM
Saturday, January 22

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