I hope you don’t miss our Thursday event

By: Bill Johnson

We at American Decency Association have hosted many outstanding speakers since, by God’s grace, we purchased our headquarters with auditorium back in 2007. Our Thursday night presenter, Pastor Matt Trewhella, is perhaps the most cutting-edge and timely speaker of them all (and that doesn’t take away from any one of them).

I urge you to show up!   I think we are going to have a full capacity crowd.

I heard Matt speak for the first time at a luncheon in Muskegon yesterday.  Here is my brief take away: Spiritually grounded, humble and meek – yet bold in Christ and faithful in his calling, time-tested yet still young in spirit and age. He is a homeschooling father, married 40 years, with 12 children and 25 grandchildren! – all walking with Christ.  He is a strong pro-life advocate who has been standing up for the unborn for 30 years.  His passion and academic background on the “lesser magistrate” doctrine is timely and convincing.

Do you want to know how to pray more effectively and to be a more thorough-going biblical Christian?  Are you concerned about the times and prayerfully wanting to know what to do?  Then, you’ll want to be with us.

For you who live closer to Grand Rapids, you have the same important opportunity in Grand Rapids this evening (February 9) at Oakhill Church – 1930 Leonard Street NE, Grand Rapids, MI (Meet and Greet at 6:30 PM & Presentation at 7:00 PM).

You will leave encouraged – in the Lord!

Join us tomorrow, Thursday, February 10, 2022 at the American Decency building (203 E. Main St. Fremont) at 7 PM (Meet and Greet at 6:30) for a time of learning, encouraging, and iron sharpening iron!

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