He Who Has God’s Heart Has God’s Arm!

By: Bill Johnson

It is February already!  Spring is almost in the air!?  Am I crazy thinking that?  Aging does have some advantages – although sometimes it leads to losing our minds – but I trust that is not the case for me (at least not yet).  But, I can at least say that the days are getting a little longer each day. Sunrise is coming earlier.  Right?

Aging also brings some greater perspective.   But, it doesn’t take aging to see that evil is advancing.    Yet, at the same time, those who love the Lord are also becoming bolder in sharing their faith and finding ways to care for others, to turn back to God or to finally turn to God and turn away from sin.  By God’s grace and mercy may that be true of you and me.

That is the hope and prayer of us at American Decency Association.  The article below points to that as a need and as an end for each of us.   And, then points to a link to our first newsletter of the year.   I hope you’ll at the least peruse it and hopefully read an article or two.  If you like what you see, may God have the glory and may you link with us as God leads.  Also, see our website at https://americandecency.org

God bless you each one.

As we consider the condition of our world in 2022, how can we miss the reality that it has seemingly become a much “smaller” place than we once knew (or thought we knew) – particularly those of us who have lived even just before 1990.

With the advent and popularity of the cell phone (even now widely in the hands of teenagers – rightly or wrongly), we have the latest news right before us.  Killings, riots, sexual sins, government corruption, innuendo, fake news/factual news (who can tell the difference at times), vaccination mandates, the Wuhan lab speculations, shutdowns, elites lying and never being prosecuted, the January 6, 2021 protestors jailed without being tried or charged contrary to the rule of law, financial concerns, elevated prices on goods and services, violence on the streets of major cities in blue states, etc.  This impersonal mode of communication also sadly enhances rapid-fire, divisive response.

Also, we are all cognizant of the fragile nature of our existence, let alone our constitutional legitimacy, as it has been targeted by leftists for generations. In addition, to name just one massive, unaddressed weakness, most have heard of the vulnerability of our national electrical grid that can be taken down by a nuclear device exploded in our atmosphere destroying circuitry in electrical and digital devices and appliances, affecting automobiles, heating and air conditioning systems, medical equipment, our monetary holdings, etc.  Our elected officials have ignored years of congressional hearing reports and warnings, including from such even-handed experts as Dr. Peter Pry (who served on the EMP Commission and worked for the House Armed Services Committee and the CIA).  It has been estimated that such a strike could potentially take the lives of up to 90% of the American people within a single year, as rebuilding our electrical infrastructure would take years.

Meanwhile, national security experts also warn that the Chinese have been unleashing a non-kinetic battle strategy (“Unrestricted Warfare”) thereby avoiding the destruction of the American infrastructure.  However, American globalists have imagined China to be our friend and that they would over time embrace capitalism.

So much more could be said at this start of the year about our culture’s and our nation’s vulnerabilities. But, the biggest vulnerability is often the least addressed: our own lives and our families!  For the matters I’ve laid out above, there is not so much that we can put our own hands to. But, there is a lot that we can do in regard to our personal lives!  Do you agree?

As we begin a new year, I wonder how many reading this have started the year renewing their discipline of reading the Word of God, daily.

I start off this way because God makes it clear in His word that “If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done unto you.”  (John 15:7)

God isn’t saying that He’s a vending machine. As we abide in Him, our desires are aligned with His. God tells us in His Word that He desires fellowship with you. He is available!  When I think about that even for just a moment, I realize that that truth is central to our lives as Christians – no matter what our situation or circumstances.

One of the early things that I learned as a young Christian was the need for that reality to take place in my life.  I saw a quality in Jan’s parents that I wanted; I saw their faithfulness.  I asked God to help me.

There are many warning signs all about us.  Christ tells us stay alert.  “Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour.”  (Matthew 25:13)  No matter our circumstance, we have a faithful God who seeks our faithfulness and worship.    Let us grow in our faithfulness to Him in being in the Word and in prayer.   Puritan William Gurnall wrote long ago this always timely reminder: “He Who has God’s Heart has His Arm!”


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