C.S. Lewis, Seeker of Truth

By: Steve Huston

When an opportunity comes along that is edifying, encouraging, and spiritually strengthening, we don’t want to miss out on it and we earnestly desire to pass such an opportunity on to others as well. For this reason, we invite you to attend our first event of the year.

The story of C.S. Lewis’ journey from confirmed, hard-pressed atheist to world-influencing, passionate Christian is one that will be beneficial, sometimes challenging, and is a contemporary example which confirms God’s promise that “NOTHING is impossible with God.”

Join us on Friday, January 28, 2022 at 7:00 PM as American Decency (203 E. Main St., Fremont) makes The Most Reluctant Convert available for your viewing. (Recommended ages 13+)

Two Disclaimers:

1. There is a charge of $11 for adults and $9 for children (plus tax and handling of $1.49 per ticket) that is affiliated with this event—it is NOT our charge and comes from the company that is promoting the movie and making it available to venues like ours. BUT DO NOT LET THAT DETER YOU! If you are not able to afford this movie, email kimberly@americandecency.org and we will cover the cost for you or cover whatever portion you are unable to pay. Go to https://faithcontentnetwork.brushfire.com/themostreluctantconvert/524808 to get your ticket.  Tickets can also be purchased at the door.

2.  C.S. Lewis was an intellectual – a deep thinker – and as this is a story, in his own words, detailing his thoughts and life from childhood through conversion, there will naturally be some deeper moments. BUT DO NOT LET THAT DETER YOU! Lewis’ story is a compelling one and Max MacLean’s portrayal of this influential author grips the viewer, taking him/her on that wonderful spiritual journey from atheist to beloved of Christ. Definitely not a snoozer, this film was originally to be shown in theaters across the nation for one night only, last year; but after earning over $1.2 million in box office sales, its one night showing was extended for two more weeks.

C.S. Lewis was a man who searched for truth; he respected truth. Today’s culture is more concentrated on feeling than on fact, or truth. Those in political authority have no respect for the truth; for them, it’s more about “my side winning.” Or in other words, the end justifies the means.

We find ourselves in a society that is very advanced technologically but not very advanced morally or culturally. As society divorces itself from Biblical principles, morals, civilities, etc, we slowly divorce ourselves from our Constitution, which devolves us into lawlessness and eventually chaos; and this, to some extent, we are already finding ourselves.

The above isn’t a rabbit trail; in fact, it’s my point. We need more men and women who will follow Lewis’ example of searching for truth; when they find it, they’ll find themselves at the foot of the cross where Jesus is calling them to repentance, atonement, and peace.

While this movie is no guarantee to make one a truth seeker, it does exemplify the life of one who sought truth, found peace, and had an impact on the world.

We do trust that you will bring family and friends to join us on January 28 at 7 PM to witness the transforming power of Christ in the soul of one who was once an avowed atheist.

Go to https://faithcontentnetwork.brushfire.com/themostreluctantconvert/524808 to get your ticket.

To watch the trailer click here.


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